The Best Time to Visit Birmingham, England

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Birmingham, which has a moderate climate and far fewer crowds than British cities like London or Manchester, is a great year-round destination. That said, the best times to visit Birmingham are April through June when the weather is at its best, and September and October when the city is the least crowded. Read on to learn more about Birmingham's weather, and discover events that take place every month of the year.

The Weather in Birmingham

Birmingham's weather is known for being fairly consistent and moderate. It tends to be warm during the summer and early fall, but cooler throughout the rest of the year. Rain is expected regularly during most months. The city's hottest month is July, when the average temperature is 61 degrees F—although temps can go as high as 87 degrees F. The coldest month is January, which experiences an average temperature of 40 degrees F.

While snow is relatively rare in Birmingham, the city does occasionally see it during the winter. Pack layers and rain gear to be prepared for any surprises or dips in temperature.

Peak Season in Birmingham

Birmingham becomes lively in the spring and summer when the weather is warmer, and during November and December as things gear up for the Christmas holiday. Like the rest of England, Birmingham tends to less busy during the colder months, especially between January and March.

English school holidays can mean some crowds in Birmingham at certain times of year. School breaks take place during the summer (from July to September), at half-term (the end of October and mid-February), and around the Christmas and Easter holidays. While things will be busier during a school holiday period, Birmingham isn't as likely as London, for instance, to be exceptionally crowded. Still, if you prefer to travel during quieter times, plan around the school breaks.

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If you visit Birmingham in January, pack a warm jacket and an umbrella. It can be cold and rainy, but the crowds will be small and lines short, especially after the holiday bustle dies down.

Events to check out:

  • Celebrate Chinese New Year at Birmingham's annual event, which features a fair, street food, and traditional entertainment.


Like January, February in Birmingham is cold and rainy—but if you don't mind short days and chilly weather, this is a good time to sightsee. Note that the British school's half-term takes place mid-February, so keep that in mind if you're planning to visit then.

Events to check out:


Winter can linger in March, which sees an average temperature of 42 degrees F, but there also can be some surprise spring days in Birmingham. Pack an umbrella, just in case.

Events to check out:


Spring is here in April, a nice month to enjoy Birmingham's sights, although there is always a chance of rain. To avoid crowds, plan around the Easter school holiday, which is a popular time to travel in England.

Events to check out:

  • Sip wine at some of the city's best bars for Birmingham Wine Weekend, a three-day event held each April.
  • Handsworth Park hosts Vaisakhi, a free, family-friendly event that marks the Sikh nation’s collective birthday.


May is a prime time to travel to Birmingham. While rain is still a possibility, the weather becomes warmer and sunnier once spring hits. There are fewer crowds around town since the students are still in school. The last Monday in May is a bank holiday, which usually brings a lot of excitement to the streets.

Events to check out:

  • Held at venues across Birmingham, Flatpack Festival boasts films, performances, and more.
  • Head to West Park for the Creation Day Festival, a celebration of Birmingham's Creation Records label.
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With temperatures climbing up to the high 50s/low 60s, there are lots of opportunities to be outside in June. This is also a good time to visit for special events, some of which run the entire summer.

Events to check out:


July is a great time to visit Birmingham due to the warm weather and number of festivals. However, schools are on summer break, so you may want to avoid the popular attractions in the city center if you dislike crowds.

Events to check out:

  • TILT Festival is a two-week event that celebrates the best of aerial circus and physical theater. Both kids and adults are welcome.
  • Summer in the Square, which runs from June until August, sees rotating food vendors and events. It takes place in Birmingham's Victoria Square.
  • The two-week Birmingham, Sandwell & Westside Jazz Festival is England’s longest-established jazz and blues festival, with tons of performances around town.


Enjoy the sunshine and warmer days in August, though the city might be crowded as students are out of school. Keep in mind that the last Monday of the month is an annual bank holiday.

Events to check out:


Any crowds will ease in Birmingham by September as school re-starts. This is a good time to visit as the weather typically stays nice through the month (average high is 63 degrees F), extending summer a bit longer.

Events to check out:


October is a big month for festivals in Birmingham, which gets slightly cooler and rainier as fall arrives. It's a particularly nice time to visit the city thanks to the moderate weather and lots to do.

Events to check out:

  • It's all about the laughs at the annual Birmingham Comedy Festival, which features a vast lineup of comedians.
  • Birmingham Literature Festival is a 10-day festival of literary events and workshops, with writers and performers from Birmingham and beyond.
  • Held in theaters and galleries, the annual Fierce Festival showcases theatre, dance, music, installations, activism, and much more.


Christmas in England essentially begins in November, so keep an eye out for Christmas markets and festivities throughout the month. England doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, which means you needn't worry about museums or other attractions closing down for the week when planning your trip.

Events to check out:

  • Enjoy the best of queer arts and culture at SHOUT, held each November over 10 days.
  • The international Birmingham Film Festival screens over 200 films during its annual celebration.
'Frankfurt style' Christmas market at Chamberlain square at dusk in Birmingham

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England loves Christmas, which is evidenced by Birmingham's famous German Christmas market. It tends to be a cold, wet month with short days, but the holiday cheer livens everything up. If you pack well, it's a very fun time to explore the city and its holiday offerings.

Events to check out:

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