Where to Get the Best Steamed Crabs in Baltimore

Best places to eat steamed blue crabs in Baltimore

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Picking — and then devouring — freshly steamed blue crabs is a Baltimore tradition. The city is world famous for its crab houses and the bounty of blue crabs offered up by the Chesapeake Bay (and, shhh, waters off the coasts of North Carolina, Louisiana, and Texas). Baltimore boasts a bushel of great crab houses, from the fancy to the frills-free, so roll up your sleeves, sprinkle on the Old Bay and start crackin'.

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    1551 Eastern Blvd.

    Al's has been named "Best Bargain Seafood Restaurant" by Baltimore magazine, which is a hint that this Baltimore County crab house is not fancy…but tasty.


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    2701 Boston St.

    Bo Brooks offers a full seafood-heavy menu as well as steamed crabs year round, in a waterside location. The restaurant is Baltimore's self-proclaimed oldest crabhouse. 

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    Captain James Landing
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    2127 Boston St.

    The captain's crab deck sits right on the water, making it a prime spot to pick crabs. (Pair your crabs with some steamed shrimp and a pitcher of beer, and you've got basically the perfect summer night.)

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    4100 Northpoint Blvd.

    Costas Inn always serves plump, meaty, tasty blue crabs in a classic old-school Baltimore environment. There's also a lively bar attached.

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    458 Forest Beach Rd.

    The best atmosphere in which to enjoy crabs, bar none. The fact that it's almost impossible to find makes the crabs even more satisfying while you're sitting outside on the river enjoying the some of the finest local blues available.

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    200 Eastern Blvd.

    Heavy is the adjective Mr. Bill's fans use to describe the crabs here. Come early (especially on summer weekends) to get a seat in the dining room.

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    Nick's Fish House
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    2600 Insulator Dr.

    Located on Middle Branch adjacent to the Hanover Street Bridge, Nick's is one of the most beautiful waterfront spots in the city. On weekends the vibe can be a downright party.

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    1727 E. Pratt St.

    A Baltimore institution since the mid 1940s, Obrycki's draws out-of-towners and locals alike. Be warned, they use their own blend of garlic-based seasoning on the crabs - not Old Bay - but they're delicious just the same.