Guide to the Best Spas in Hong Kong

Spa at the Mandarian Oriental Hotel
Mandarin Oriental Hotel

From a quick mud pack to a day-long retreat, you’ll find the world’s best spas in Hong Kong. The city’s residents are absolutely spa crazy, and for tourists in town for a couple of days, it can be tough to pick out the best spa in Hong Kong. We’ve sifted through the city’s endless spa retreats looking at what’s on offer and at what price; picking out five of the finest. The city’s most luxurious spas are generally headquartered in the city’s most luxurious hotels with prices topping HK$1500 for a basic two-hour treatment. The majority of treatments are aimed at locals with 60 and 120-minute sessions.

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    Oriental Spa at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel

    Just like the hotel it’s situated in, the Oriental Spa is a boutique experience, offering an intimate session amongst designer surroundings. Built around the principles of fire, water, wood and earth, the spa’s award-winning design has rightly received many plaudits and while you may not believe the promotional leaflets about Yin and Yang, the setting is undoubtedly relaxing. The spa hosts the full complement of treatments, including VIP couple’s rooms and a selection of recommended signature massages. Their Time Rituals are series of treatments fitted around your own daily routine and body clock. Priceless for jet-lagged visitors.

    15 Queen’s Road Central, Central. Tel. 2132 0188.

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    Fittingly set inside one ​of the world’s best hotels, this is one of the world’s best spas. Royal luxuries include three infinity pools with underwater music piped in and a rooftop deck and garden with a waterfall and views over the city. Treatments are world class; however, where I-Spa truly excels is in its full-day retreats. These involve a choice of custom designed treatments as well as a personal 3-course lunch fitted into your program. I-Spa also offers a series of traditional Chinese-inspired face and body treatments in their rooftop spa pool which comes highly recommended. If you’ve got kids in tow, they even offer the ‘Pure Bliss for Children Package’ a dedicated treatment and massage for children.

    18 Salisbury Road, Kowloon. Tel. 2313 2306

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    If you’re looking for a local spa experience, the Chuan Spa inside the Langham Place hotel is the place for you. Based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, on arrival you’ll be given a full ‘sensory’ assessment, finding out about significant experiences in your life, as well as looking at your favorite colors, scents and seasons. Your results will determine which treatments you need and which ingredients to use. Treatments include the usual massage and scrubs but also diet tips, breathing exercises, and acupuncture.

    555 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Kowloon. Tel. 3552 3388

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    The legendary ESPA’s first Asian spa is an absolute lesson in pampering, boasting a 3.5 -1 staff to client ratio. Their decadent Garden of Eden design, with creeping plants and trickling rivers, is a suitably soothing start to your spa experience. Before you pick a treatment from their encyclopedic selection, you can enjoy thermal baths, ice rubs and tropical showers and many more personal luxuries. You can also take advantage of their personal spa suites, which feature superb views over Hong Kong harbor.

    Salisbury Road, Kowloon. Tel. 2920 2888

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