The 12 Best Slices of Pizza in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is known for its exceptional pizza, from a slice of artisanal coal oven pizza to the traditional slice at the neighborhood pizzeria, it’s hard to go wrong. While many notable pizza restaurants only let you buy a pie, these exceptional spots offer customers a single slice. Luckily, the concept of serving slices is gaining popularity in Brooklyn's artisanal pizza community and local favorite Paulie Gee’s is opening a slice shop later this year.

Although Brooklyn is teeming with pizza places, there are a few slices that stand out. Enjoy taking a DIY pizza tour around Brooklyn with this list of Brooklyn’s twelve best slices of pizza! 

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Table 87

Table 87
Table 87
473 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA
Phone +1 718-965-8400

The Vibe: Usually when you want a slice of coal oven pizza you have to commit to buying a pie, but thankfully all commitment phobic folks can enjoy a single slice at Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza, which is "the first in Brooklyn to offer coal oven pizza by the slice."  

The Slice: You might want to order more than one slice of this flavorful thin crust coal oven pizza with house made mozzarella. The slice is light and crispy. You can add toppings, but the Margherita pizza is so tasty, you might not want to add to it. Just to note, they have gluten-free options. 

The Location: With three locations in Brooklyn, including one in Brooklyn Heights on Atlantic Avenue right near Brooklyn Bridge Park, another on 3rd Avenue in hyper trendy Gowanus section of Brooklyn, and another in the food court at Industry City, each location can easily fit into any day sightseeing around Brooklyn. If you can't make it to Brooklyn, you can order a frozen pizza on their website and at various supermarkets, thanks to Shark Tank.

The Cost: $4.00 a plain slice.

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Brooklyn Pizza Crew

758 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11216, USA
Phone +1 718-363-1122

The Vibe: Although at first glance Brooklyn Pizza Crew appears to be a ubiquitous storefront Brooklyn pizzeria, it isn't. The graffiti art on the wall and the wooden tables give the spot a more modern feel. 

The Slice: Handcrafted artisanal take on the traditional slice. Brooklyn Pizza Crew's fresh ingredients makes their slices stand out. The Sophia Loren, absent of sauce, is light, packed with flavor and satisfying. The Grandma Slice tastes like the familiar favorite, yet their version is just a bit fresher than the usual slice. They also serve a square slice that is not to be missed. 

The Location: Situated on on Nostrand Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn Pizza Crew is around a fifteen minute walk from the Brooklyn Museum and Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

The Cost: $2.50 for a plain slice and $3.25 for a Sophia Loren.

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L & B Spumoni Gardens

L & B Spumoni Gardens
L & B Spumoni Gardens
2725 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11223-3507, USA
Phone +1 718-449-1230

The Vibe: L & B Spumoni Gardens evokes feelings of authentic Brooklyn, and locals hang out on the red picnic benches chatting as they devour some of the best pizza in Brooklyn.

The Slice: Order the famed square slice and see why people make the trek all the way into Bensonhurst/Dyker Heights to eat one of these iconic slices. The square slice is perhaps the most divine mixture of doughy, airy, and cheesy. Save room for some spumoni. 

The Location: This place is quite a trek from Manhattan and brownstone Brooklyn, but it's worth it. And remember, it's not far from Coney Island, if you'd like to pair a visit with a trip to the beach. There's a parking lot but it gets very crowded and you might have to wait for a spot. 

The Cost: $2.75 for a plain slice.

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Two Boots

Two Boots Pizza
Two Boots Pizza
284 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA
Phone +1 718-499-0008

The Vibe: Families flock to this Brooklyn staple, named for "the geographical shapes of Italy and Louisiana." This quirky pizza place is a neighborhood favorite, which serves cajun-Italian inspired cuisine and incentive pizzas. 

The Slice: With pizzas like Earth Mother, Mel Cooley, Larry Tate and many other pies with names that pay tribute to pop culture, you might giggle a few times when you read the menu. Although Two Boots has playfully named pizzas, it doesn't mean they don't take their food seriously, they do. The tangy thin crust pizza can be made with whole wheat crust or gluten free. Even if you stick to a cheese slice, you'll be charmed by the pizza's explosive yet not at all overwhelming flavor. 

The Location: The original Park Slope restaurant shuttered a few years ago, but the current location on Park Slope's vibrant 5th Avenue retains all of the funky homey charm from the original digs. After you finish your slice, you can window shop at the indie shops that line 5th Avenue.

The Cost: $2.75 for a cheese slice.

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Di Fara Pizza
Di Fara Pizza
1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY 11230-3702, USA
Phone +1 718-258-1367

The Vibe: Lines abound at this Midwood pizzeria which consistently makes the list of best NYC pizzerias. Since the 1960's legendary pizza maker Domenico DeMarco has been artfully crafting pies behind the counter. Watch him at work as you wait for your slice. 

The Slice: The thin crust pizza is light and airy and topped with fresh basil. Obviously since Domenico DeMarco has been making pies for more than half a century, he has perfected the art of the cheese/sauce ratio.  

The Location: A bit off the beaten path deep into Brooklyn, despite the long haul DiFara's is a must-visit for all pizza lovers. Try to go an off time to avoid a long wait.  

The Cost: $5 for a slice of pizza.

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Best Pizza Williamsburg

Best Pizza
Best Pizza

The Vibe: Housed in a former bakery in Williamsburg, the homey pizzeria's walls are decorated with customer designed paper plates. 

The Slice: The pizza, made from a century old oven, is topped with a signature single basil leaf. The thin crust pizza does not disappoint, and the locals swear by the white pizza. 

The Location: Located in the heart of Williamsburg, it's the ideal stop after a shopping trip on Bedford Avenue or a stroll in the scenic waterfront East River State Park. 

The cost: $3.25 for a plain slice. 

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Front Street Pizza

Front Street Pizza
Front Street Pizza
80 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA
Phone +1 718-875-3700

The Vibe: This casual pizzeria is a local favorite. In any area that has undergone an intense transformation from an industrial area to a haven for high-end condos, galleries, boutiques and businesses, this pizzeria is a great place to score a budget friendly meal with our sacrificing taste. 

The Slice: They have the usual pizzeria offerings, but their fresh thin crust pizza (with or without toppings) is flavorful and filling. They also have gluten free options.

The Location: Down the block people are lining up to get a table at Grimaldi's, but if you want to grab a quick slice in Dumbo, this is the place.  

The Cost: $2.75 for a plain slice.

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Screamer's Pizzeria

Screamer's Pizzeria
Screamer's Pizzeria
620 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222-3923, USA
Phone +1 347-844-9412

The Vibe: Vegans should make a pilgrimage to this vegan pizzeria in the heart of Greenpoint. There is limited seating, so don't expect to linger. 

The Slice: You might not realize you're not eating real cheese when you order a slice at Screamer's. The fresh pizza is so tasty that you might second guess if it's a traditional slice. If you want to be decadent, order toppings, which include roasted beets, vegan ham and seitan pepperoni, and many others. 

The Location: The cozy shop is located on boosting Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint. After you've had your fill of vegan cuisine, explore the shops in the area.

The Cost: $3 for a plain slice

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Pizza Wagon

8610 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209-5202, USA
Phone +1 718-836-5725

The Vibe: There is a definite 80's vibe, with framed reviews from that decade on the wall, it makes you feel as if you're eating on the set of The Americans. Although a fantastic authentic retro vibe dominates this space, the food is incredibly fresh and is a staple in Bay Ridge. Grab a seat and order a slice and a coke, and listen to the locals chat.

The Slice: The pizza is the perfect combo of cheese and sauce and the dough is light and crispy. Maybe it's because the smell of fresh cheese and herbs fill the air, but Pizza Wagon is one of those places that you can't help order two slices because you've devoured the first slice within seconds. They also serve a worthwhile square slice. Best strategy for dining there is to order both.

The Location: Located on 5th avenue off of 86th Street in the center of Bay Ridge, it's a few steps from Century 21, and the shops in this part of Brooklyn with views of the Verrazano Bridge, and which was featured in the 70's hit Saturday Night Fever

The Cost: $2.50 for a plain slice.

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Layla Jones

Layla Jones Pizza
Layla Jones
214 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201-6405, USA
Phone +1 718-624-2361

The Vibe: This casual family run Cobble Hill restaurant serves pizza, pasta, press sandwiches and salads. The roomy backyard is the ideal place to dine when the weather is nice. Grab a picnic bench and relax at this family friendly spot.

The Slice: The square slice at Layla Jones is fresh, light, crispy and has a sweet sauce. Although the Plain Jane slice is artful in its simplicity, you might want to order a slice with pepperoni or mushrooms. 

The Location: The restaurant is on Court Street in the heart of Cobble Hill just a short walk from the Bergen Street stop on the F train. After you finish dining, walk an avenue over to Smith Street and peruse the many boutiques or walk across Atlantic toward Downtown Brooklyn.

The Cost: $2.50 for a plain Jane slice.

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House of Pizza and Calzone

132 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231-2983, USA
Phone +1 718-624-9107

The Vibe: This neighborhood pizzeria "has been servicing the working waterfront and it’s residents for over 60 years. Still located on the same block it originated back in the early 50’s,"  Stop in for authentic Brooklyn pizza.  

The Slice: Locals flock to this spot for a slice or a deep fried calzone. You can take your pic, but for those who enjoy a plain slice you might have hit gold here. The aromatic peppery pizza with its fresh cheese and sauce is sure to hit the spot.

The Location: Located on Union Street in Carroll Gardens, the area was once an Italian enclave and the setting for the 1980's film Moonstruck, but has transformed in recent years. However it's still home to numerous Italian restaurants. Across the street is the historic Ferdinando's Focucceria, and local pizza shops abound. Yet the House of Pizza and Calzone stands out in this heavily saturated area of pizzerias. Stop in for a slice, but save room for a deep fried calzone. In the warmer months, dine in the spacious backyard.

The Cost: $3 for a plain slice.

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Antonio's Pizzeria

A slice at Antonios
Alison Lowenstein

The Vibe: This no-frills, old school pizzeria has been serving fresh slices for over fifty years.

The Slice: Although you can fill your slice with various toppings or order a grandma slice, a plain slice is perfectly layered with cheese and you can fold it (like many New Yorkers do) as you devour this classic. 

The Location: The retro sign glaring at you as you enter the pizzeria, sets the vibe for Antonio's. The pizzeria is the real deal and if you never stepped inside a NYC pizzeria, this should definitely be on your itinerary. Located on Flatbush Avenue near Prospect Park, it's also steps from right near Park Slope's 7th Avenue, and a short walk to Barclays Center and downtown Brooklyn. 

The Cost: $2.75 for a plain slice. On a budget? They have a special, where you can get 2 slices and a soda for $6.  

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The 12 Best Slices of Pizza in Brooklyn