The Best Sandwich Shops in Sacramento

Great sandwiches throughout the region

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Sacramento is home to a multitude of restaurants, ranging in both price and cuisine. However, sandwich shops remain a consistent favorite. We are lucky to have many eateries in town that roll out some incredible eats that would shame any Subway. 

The Sandwich Spot

The owners of this little eatery in midtown are friendly and provide a welcoming lunchtime environment. Their special sauce is known around town as being superb, and the full service deli menu allows for plenty of variety at a reasonable price. This place gets crowded, so be sure to get there early or opt for a later lunch so you won't be spending your entire hour in line!

Roxie Deli

A sister to the original San Francisco location, Roxie's has been in Sacramento since 2005. They are known for their weekly barbecue specials, as well as some delicious made-to-order sandwiches like the Mafia Meatball. They also serve items like hot links breakfast sandwiches for the morning crowd. Get there early if you can - they often run out of certain items due to their popularity in town. 

Skip’s Kitchen

This local, family-owned burger destination is actually a restaurant serving gourmet-style food. Try their B.O.M. sliders with a special onion marmalade, or go for a more standard bacon cheeseburger. You can eat in or order burgers online if you’re on the go. This restaurant is located in the Carmichael area of Sacramento and each burger platter comes with a choice of criss-cut or sweet potato fries.

Dad's Sandwiches

This small, family-owned restaurant may not have the hype of a chain store or the boost of an already established out-of-town location, but for those looking for a delicious hole-in-the-wall lunch experience, check out Dad's. They have more than 20 different sandwiches on their menu to choose from, as well as plenty of soups, salads and baked treats. 

Corti Brothers

Serving gourmet meats and high-end groceries in Sacramento since the 1940s, Corti Brothers has a full-service deli that makes delicious sandwiches. With perfect Fontina cheese and irresistible meatloaf either in a sandwich or as a dinner entree, Corti Brothers has somewhat of a cult following among those who have grown up in Sacramento. 


Zia's has long been a hit with the college students at their Davis location, but they opened up shop in Sacramento as well. Try the Viareggio, Livorno or Meatball sandwiches for some great bites in a deli with an impressively cool vibe. 

These are just a few of the great sandwich shops throughout Sacramento. Others worth checking out:

  • Bon Air Market & Deli
  • Huong Lan Sandwiches
  • La Bonne Soupe Cafe
  • Granite's Sub Shop 

What Makes Sacramento Sandwiches So Great?

Despite its sprawling size, Sacramento has a small-town family feel that allows businesses like sandwich shops to thrive. Many have been in town longer than popular chains, giving them an edge over the competition with their already established customer base. They are also often family owned or have been run consistently by the same individuals for decades. This continuity provides not delicious food, but also the chance to provide the homey feel people crave when they sit down to lunch or dinner.

Sacramento sandwiches are also great because of our diversity. From Vietnamese sandwiches to a good ol' fashioned BBQ pulled pork, there are plenty of varieties to choose from at all local restaurants. These are just a few of the great sandwich shops available to enjoy - what's your favorite? Let us know and we may add it to a future list. 


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