The Best Pools in Las Vegas

You have heard about all the fun that happens at the pools in Las Vegas and you want in. Las Vegas has so many different variations of pools. You'll have everything from party pools to kid-friendly pools and wave pools to lazy rivers to choose from. Some pools in Las Vegas are adults only while others cater to families.

Before you continue you need to know when is pool season in Las Vegas? It's not all year like you might hope. The pools open in mid-March and close around mid-October. If you are the type who needs a heated pool because you are on the quest for the endless summer Las Vegas has you covered. Here are the best pools in Vegas.

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The Beach at Mandalay Bay

The Beach at Mandalay Bay
Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay has all the sand, surf, and all the sun you can handle. There is a reason why plenty of people call this the best pool in Las Vegas. The beach at the Mandalay Bay Hotel offers a lazy river, lounging areas, and plenty of opportunities to get your fill of the Las Vegas pool experience.

At the Mandalay Bay, you'll get great food options, a hotel that is among the best in Las Vegas as well as entertainment and nightlife possibilities that should fill your schedule. When you are talking about the pool you will be stressed about not spending enough time with your feet in the sand or floating in the lazy river. Don't forget the huge wave pool and the cocktails and cabanas. That's right, you get the complete Las Vegas pool experience in one easy package at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

My typical day at the Mandalay Bay pool always includes a few hours drifting in the lazy river. Your feet are submerged, your hands are wet and when the heat gets uncomfortable you slide off your raft and into the river to cool off. Hop back on and continue with your day. Excellence!

Later in the day, you have your choice of spots to have an amazing culinary experience with restaurants such as Aureole, Strip Steak, and Kumi. The Mandalay Bay Resort is the complete package in a moderate to expensive package.

This Pool Is Perfect For... Everyone! This place is huge and the kids will love it as much as the adults. It's a big party but it is manageable.

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The Pools at Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

Chelsea Pool at Cosmopolitan Hotel
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas has taken the Las Vegas pool scene to the next step with three different pools. From the Boulevard pool with its pool stage for live musical performances to the relaxing, spa-like Chelsea pool, you'll find a little bit of everything. 

Consider renting a cabana that looks out onto the Las Vegas strip. You get two great views and a way to spend an entire day experiencing all of Las Vegas. While you are at it, you might as well grab a pizza from secret pizza to have as you lounge by the cool water of the Cosmopolitan pool.

Monday nights during the summer months you can watch a movie on the large marquee while you sip on cocktails. Day time activities include billiards and ping pong and of course great people watching. There are three distinct pool areas at Cosmopolitan resort so there is something for everyone at this hotel.

This Pool Is Perfect For... If you want to have a full pool day. So many options and plenty of places to get a shade that you can waste an entire day and never even touch the water.

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Marquee Dayclub at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Marquee Dayclub
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The day club is the easiest way to say that they have opened the nightclub when the sun is out. Marquee Dayclub is just an extension of the nightlife at Marquee and you will need to pace yourself but the party gets going all day and you can expect the best DJs and the prettiest people to line up to get into Marquee day and night.

This Pool Is Perfect For...

You want a crazy, crowded pool party with a well-known DJ and a lot of pretty people. This is where you will be.

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The Pool at ARIA at CityCenter Las Vegas and Liquid

Liquid Pool Louge

You can choose to head into Liquid, the adult pool or lounge in plain view of the towers on either side of the pool deck. The cocktails are exceptional and the food is better than average. However, you should know that much like the rest of the Las Vegas pools the prices can get out of hand. They have cabanas, a restaurant, and enough shade to help you avoid a heat stroke.

This Pool Is Perfect For... If the girls got together and planned a getaway this is where they should go. There is plenty of space for lounging and the party factor is not as in your face as other spots on the strip.

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Encore Beach Club at Encore Las Vegas

Encore Beach Club, At Wynn Las Vegas
WireImage / Getty Images

The jury is out on which is better: the drinks or the soft couches inside the cabanas. The personal hot tubs are a nice touch as well. There is a lot to really like about Encore Beach Club. It is the Las Vegas pool experience taken to another level as this is the spot where the weekend pool party gets out of control.

This Pool Is Perfect For... a party. If you want a huge, luxury party spot with water this is it. Be ready to spend some cash and look good doing it.

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Swim Up Next to a Shark at the Golden Nugget Pool

Pool at the Golden Nugget
Lonely Planet / Getty Images

While the pool isn't enormous, you don't get to swim through an aquarium every day. The upper deck has some privacy and a little more space but the water is downstairs. The crowds can get thick and moving around is a challenge but the atmosphere is very "Vegas"

The Golden Nugget is still the nicest property in Downtown Las Vegas so if you are looking for an off strip experience but still, enjoy what real Las Vegas is all about you should consider this property. Book a room in the Rush Tower and then head down and swim with the sharks.

You can find great deals at the Golden Nugget and if you consider that parking is free in Downtown Las Vegas you can see how this is a very good option. .

This Pool Is Perfect For... It's small so water space is precious. The kids will love the slide but if they even think about splashing they'll make someone irritated.

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Caesars Palace Las Vegas Pool

Las Vegas Pool Party at Caesar's Palace
Andrew Penner / Getty Images

What better place to hang out at the pool than at the icon on the Las Vegas strip? Caesars Palace Las Vegas has expanded and revamped the Garden of the Gods pools and gardens. The entire complex has been given a makeover and you'll be stressed at the idea of not fitting in more time by the pool.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Five acres of sun worshiping space for the ultimate Las Vegas pool party
  • Eight swimming pools
  • An 18-foot waterfall that rims a pool designed specifically for swim up black jack
  • Cabanas, daybeds, love seat inspired scoop chairs surrounded by lush landscaping, fountains, and statues.
  • My personal favorite reason to head to the Caesars Palace pool? Mojitos, very large and very tasty!

This Pool Is Perfect For...A bachelor or bachelorette party in Las Vegas. Plenty of friendly adults mingling in the pool.

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The Pool at Bellagio Las Vegas

The Pool at Bellagio Las Vegas
Bellagio Las Vegas

Everything about the pool at the Bellagio Las Vegas is classy. The drinks are good but they are not over the top. The atmosphere is fun but not the party atmosphere that everybody else has embraced. It's a subtle approach to fun in the sun. Spend one afternoon at Bellagio pool and you just feel like you are better than everyone else because you found the secret to pools in Las Vegas.

This Pool Is Perfect For...Relaxing. You don't want loud music. You might want a very good cocktail. You seek relaxation. This pool has all of that. Did I mention you might need to relax?

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Flamingo Las Vegas Pool

Beach Club Pool Flamingo Hotel
Flamingo Las Vegas

You'll like what they are doing with the pool scene at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas because they get it. If you come to Las Vegas to have a true adult party you don't want a kid playing Marco Polo right next to you as you do your flirtatious stretches in the water. They have separated the crowd and the kids are on one side and the music and full blown party are in the big pool. If you have kids you go to the Flamingo Beach Club and if you are over 18 you head to the GO pool.

This Pool Is Perfect For... The kids will have fun on their side and the party people will have a great time at the GO pool. You'll hear loud music and see a lot of beer being served in a subdued party atmosphere. It's not a day club but it is a Las Vegas pool party.

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Venetian Las Vegas Pool

Venetian Las Vegas Pool
The Venetian Las Vegas

Sure, it's a bit boxy but drinks get delivered fast and all the good-looking people seem to populate this pool. The atmosphere at the pool at the Venetian Hotel can get to be a bit like an upscale club. If you have kids, you might be explaining a few things to the little ones.

This Pool Is Perfect adult vacation. This pool feels like pure luxury. You can have drinks by the pool without a bunch of kids splashing on your stuff. There will be a few kids around, but most of these parents usually move to a spot where they don't get any long looks from the people there to have a kid-free vacation.

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Tropicana Las Vegas Pool

Tropicana Las Vegas Pool
Tropicana Las Vegas

Some people remember the “Island of Las Vegas” theme at the Tropicana but all you need to do is walk down to the pool area and you can still feel like you have landed in the pool area of Bali Hai. This is one of the original pool complexes that took stunning in the Southern Nevada desert to a higher level. Great landscaping and adequate space make this the perfect pool to work on your tan. Swim-up blackjack and a swim up bar make this the type of place to consider for your big party weekends.

This Pool Is Perfect For...young people. This is a budget property so you'll get a pretty good party going with younger people. However, you'll see a group of kids crushing the cannonballs because their parents saved money on a place to stay. This is not a bad family pool if you keep an eye out.

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Mirage Las Vegas Pool

Mirage Las Vegas Pool

The lush landscaping makes you feel as if you are in a Mirage at the Mirage. You'll never tire of the beautiful waterfalls—whether you're just admiring them from your loungechair or the watching the kids swim through them. This pool, however, is not as good for the kids as others on the strip as the love connections go on throughout the day and the fun can really get going Las Vegas style.

Feel like going topless? Bare Pool at the Mirage allows you to do so for running bathe European style.

This Pool Is Perfect For...This is a moderately priced property these days so you'll find some families and a few young people who want to spend less on a room but still want to have a party. The music is not as loud and the skin factor is not all that bad. For the elevated skin factor, people will go to Bare.

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MGM Grand Las Vegas Pool

Hotel swimming pool, MGM Grand, Las Vegas.
Loozrboy/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

It's huge: 35 pools, 4000 lounge chairs, and a gazillion gallons of water. The Grand Pool Complex at the MGM Grand Las Vegas has a river, five pools, 3 whirlpools and an incredible amount of trees and shrubs. The kids will love it and you will find yourself wanting to hang around all day long.

This Pool Is Perfect For... everyone. This massive pool area is great for every type of Las Vegas visitor. The real party is at the Wet Republic so you will not have to shield the kids from too much and you can find a few spots to sit in the sun and read a bad magazine.

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The Swimming Pool at the Rio All Suite Hotel Las Vegas

Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino Las Vegas
kennejima/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

The pool area at the Rio is large enough for you to get lost in the different types of activities that can occur at a Las Vegas pool. Some area is more of a party atmosphere while others are surrounded by the family types. If you are so inclined you can head over to the topless pool and bare a bit more skin.

This Pool Is Perfect For...people staying off the strip. If you are more of an off the strip person you'll appreciate this pool because your room cost you less and the atmosphere is not as crazed as you will find on the strip. However, weekends can get crowded so keep the kids away from the drink guzzling party people.

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Delano Beach Club

Delano Beach Club Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

This is the boutique pool sitting right in the middle of the mega pool that is Mandalay Beach. You have the option to use both if you are staying at The Delano Hotel so make use of it. The Delano Beach Club is why you spend a little extra to have comfort and luxury and a bit more of a discerning Las Vegas experience. Enjoy signature cocktails on a luxurious lounge chair or play a game of chess on their oversized submerged chess board.

This Pool Is Perfect For...people looking for a more "exclusive" and sometimes whimsical experience.

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Palms Pool

Palms Pool
Palms Casino and Resort

This is party central. The space you see here is ground zero for some of the best pool parties in Las Vegas. If you seek a relaxing pool with space for you to swim laps go elsewhere. Palms Pool is for the happy people to live it up!

This Pool Is Perfect For...people looking for a Vegas-style party!