The Best Pokemon Go Stops in Little Rock

Little Rock, Arkansas
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Pokémon GO is a new app for mobile devices that lets users find and train Pokémon in an augmented reality world.  What that means is that people are getting outside and staring at their phones.  It's actually a pretty fun game.  The basic concept is that you have to find Pokémon and supplies.

Supplies are hidden all over town at virtual Pokéstops.  The graphic below is some of the Pokéstops at the River Market in downtown Little Rock.

Pokéstops, gyms and Pokémon are actually mapped to Google Map data points.  Memorials, landmarks and special structures are usually a good place to find supplies and Pokémon gyms.  The River Market, The River Trail and most of our city parks are full of them.  However, I didn't find many at Pinnacle Mountain State Park (I'm not sure about our other state parks), so if you're hunting instead of hiking, you might skip the less urban areas.

Sources say that Pokémon GO's database is based on Niantic's portal database for Ingress.  If you...MORE play Ingress, the Ingress portals are also Pokéstops.  You can find out more information on that by registering for Ingress, but you don't have to be a computer pro or register for anything to find Pokéstops.  They're everywhere.

So, head to your app store for Android or Apple, charge your phone battery (the app relies heavily on GPS, so it's draining) and head outside to experience Nintendo's latest augmented reality game.  Do regard the game warning to keep your eyes on your surroundings and don't train and drive.

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    The River Market Pokestop
    ••• Gyms and Pokestops in the River Market. Amanda Galiano

    Since Pokéstops are usually landmarks and memorials, the River Market (and downtown Little Rock) are full of them and gyms.  It seems to be true that you find Pokémon in their natural environment (water Pokémon are near water, for example).  The Clinton Library has a Pokémon gym and there are about 5 others in the vicinity.  If you hop on the River Trail or the River walk area of the River Market, you're bound to find tons of water Pokémon.  There are quite a few Pokéstops just in the downtown area and restaurants.  The museums like MOD and the Clinton Center are great spots to recharge. 

    There also seem to be quite a few Pokéstops and a few gyms around Main Street and quite Pokéstops and a gym at the Capital grounds. 

    The downtown area has the most concentration of gyms and Pokéstops that I've seen in Little Rock.







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    Shackelford and Markham

    Capture a Pokemon
    ••• Capture a Pokemon. Amanda Galiano

    There are quite a few Pokéstops and gyms in the shopping centers around Shackelford and Markham.  They are usually centered around some sort of statue (like the horse at PF Chang's) or a sign (Twin Peaks has a  Pokéstop at its sign).  Shopping centers are generally a pretty good bet to find Pokéstops.

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    MacArthur Park

    A Pokestop
    ••• A Pokestop. Amanda Galiano

    MacArthur Park, the museum and the Arkansas Arts Center are great places to hunt for Pokéstops and Pokémon (and there are a few gyms).  There's a pretty high concentration of landmarks in the area, so there are quite a few stops.



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    Some of the mausoleums and markers in Mount Holly are actually "landmarks" according to Google, and they have Pokéstops.  A few other cemeteries around the city have them too, but Mount Holly is a great place to learn some Arkansas history while Pokémon hunting.  I've been told you can find ghost types in cemeteries, but I haven't found any.  Just be respectful when you visit a cemetery.  For most of the stops, you don't even have to enter the gates.




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    I found several cool Pokémon, lots of Pokéstops and about 3 gyms while walking through the Little Rock Zoo.  Take your kids hunting for Pokémon and teach them about some real animals while you're at it.  just don't try to catch or throw balls at the real ones.




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    Churches, Libraries, Hospitals and State Buildings

    Most churches, libraries, hospitals and state buildings will have at least one Pokéstop, but I don't see many that are that concentrated.  You can really build up your stash at a park.  Usually a church only has one or two Pokéstops (but you can reuse a single stop every 5 minutes).




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    Outside of Little Rock

    There don't seem to be as many Pokéstops in North Little Rock, but you can find some at Burns Park and in the Argenta district.

    Lake Wilastein Park in Maumelle has three gyms and several Pokéstops.