The 7 Best Parks in Kraków

Krakow City Park, Poland
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Kraków is a city that takes pride in its green spaces, providing quiet places to engage with nature, take a break, and enjoy some people-watching. Discover the charms of the central Planty that wraps around Old Town, stroll among botanical gardens, or walk in the woodlands of Las Wolski. Read on to discover Kraków's top parks so you can rest up between all your sightseeing.

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Kraków Planty

Pasamonikow Tower and Planty Park in Krakow
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31-041 Kraków, Poland
Phone +48 12 201 02 40

Known simply as "the planty," this 2.5-mile-long stretch of greenery wraps around Old Town from Wawel Castle. Once a moat that served as part of the city’s protection back in the 13th century, it is now one of the most integral pieces of greenery in Kraków, housing hundreds of species of trees, plants, and flowers.

Each part of the planty holds its own charm; you’ll find sculptures and statues, ponds and fountains, outdoor art and floral arrangements, cafés, and even part of Poland’s oldest university, Jagiellonian. The wide paths are always busy with walkers, joggers, skaters, and cyclists in all seasons, and the tree-lined walkways look particularly spectacular in fall.

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Park Jordana

Park Jordana in Cracov
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al. 3 Maja 11, 30-062 Kraków, Poland

To the west of Old Town, near the National Museum, lies this 52-acre park named after its founder, Dr Henryk Jordan. The large stretches of grass are filled with people practicing yoga, throwing frisbees, or simply stretching out to read or sunbathe. There’s also a skateboard park, basketball and tennis courts, workout stations for isometrics, and several play areas with sandpits, swings, ropes, and climbing frames. The small pond gets its full use in summer, when pedalos are available for rent and kids can enjoy some water fun. With two ice rinks—one for adults and one for children—the park is also popular in winter.

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Park Krakowski

Park Krakowski, Kraków, Poland

Hop off at tram stop Plac Inwalidów to get to Park Krakowski, a community-focused green space between AGH University and Karmelicka Street. Updated in 2018, the park has gone from a drab space to a popular hangout spot, with pathways wide enough for skaters, cyclers, and walkers; a large central duck pond with a fountain; and colorful trees, plants, and wildflowers that attract bees and butterflies. You’ll find old Polish men playing at the chess tables alongside the path, and children flocking to the large wooden playground. There is also a reading nook where you can borrow magazines (albeit in Polish) as well as table tennis.

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Błonia Meadow

Panorama of Blonia meadow in Krakow city, Poland

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33-332 Kraków, Poland
Phone +48 12 201 02 40

Adjacent to Park Jordana is Błonia, a 120-acre expanse of untouched open field rarely found in cities. Błonia, which means "meadow" in Polish, is a fantastic space for playing a game of frisbee, picnicking among the wildflowers, or letting your dogs run around off-leash. There are many paths for walking, and the large promenade that encircles the park is great for jogging, cycling, and rollerblading all year round. Błonia is also a popular spot for events, particularly in the summer, when you’ll find thousands of people meeting up for an open-air concert or religious gathering.

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Park Bednarski

Bednarski Park in Krakow
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Across the river in Podgórze, Bednarski Park lies close to Krakus Mound and the Church of St. Joseph. If you’re looking for a picture-perfect, manicured park, this is not it: Bednarski Park is wild in appearance and adventurous in nature. Covering an expanse of almost 23 acres, the park is situated in an old, stone quarry and has several levels to explore.

Take a tram to the Korona stop and enter the park from Plac Niepodległości; a large staircase will bring you up to paved walkways, a children’s play area, and a grassy field. Keep exploring to discover limestone rocks, winding paths, and hidden trails. While the tame red squirrels are cute, be careful: they'll be more than happy to take food right from your hand.

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Las Wolski

Kraków, Poland

Located 6 miles from Kraków's city center, Las Wolski is easily accessible by bus. Made up of over 1,000 acres, the forest features Camaldolese Monastery and Kraków Zoo, whose open-air enclosures house colorful birds, alpacas, penguins, and elephants. If you like to hike, there are several color-coded trails around the woodland; for beautiful views over Wolski Forest and Błonia Meadow, take the red trail to the top of Piłsudski’s Mound, one of only four earthwork mounds in the city. Finish your wander with a snack and coffee at Przegorzały Castle for a stunning panorama of the city and river.

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Botanical Gardens

Plants in the greenhouse of botanical garden
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Mikołaja Kopernika 27, 31-501 Kraków, Poland
Phone +48 12 663 36 35

A 10-minute walk east of the center are the beautiful botanical gardens of Kraków, part of Jagiellonian University. This green haven is beautifully manicured and well-maintained, with thousands of species of flowers, trees, and herbs all carefully planted and arranged along the winding pathways and ponds.

Explore the grand and impressive greenhouse complex, which contains a collection of carnivorous plants. And make sure to seek out the 300-year-old oak tree, the last vestige from the Primeval forest that used to cover the area. Unlike public parks, the botanical gardens charge an entrance fee of around 9 zloty and are only open from spring to early fall.

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The 7 Best Parks in Kraków