The Best of West Virginia

History, Science and Outdoor Adventures in the Mountain State

Seneca Rocks, West Virginia
Seneca Rocks, West Virginia. John Elk III / Getty Images

There's a lot more to West Virginia than the mountains which give the state its nickname.  Whether you're a sports fanatic, railroad enthusiast or science buff, you'll find plenty to do in the Mountain State.  True, you'll have to do some mountain driving to reach many of these spots, but the rewards are well worth your time.  Here are our top picks for West Virginia sightseeing.

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    Harpers Ferry in the Fall
    Image courtesy of Jeffrey D. Walters / Getty Images

    Harpers Ferry, where the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers meet, was the setting for John Brown's ill-fated slave uprising in 1859.  During the Civil War, Harpers Ferry changed hands several times and was the site of General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson's Confederate victory in 1862.  Today, this picturesque old town is a National Historical Park, complete with museums, hiking trails and a truly spectacular view of the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers.

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    West Virginia, Seneca Rocks, landscape
    John Elk III / Getty Images

    Seneca Rocks, a jagged rock formation in Pendleton County, West Virginia, attracts hikers, photographers and sightseers from around the country.  They come for the sights – rocks soaring into a blue sky, birds wheeling above the green valley – as well as for the trails and for the natural beauty of the North Fork Valley. 

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    Historic Cass Scenic Railroad
    Historic Cass Scenic Railroad. John Elk III / Getty Images

    West Virginia's scenic railroads travel through some of the most beautiful parts of the Mountain State. Whether you take a railroad trip on a warm summer day or ride the rails to see spectacular fall colors, you'll come away with an appreciation for the mighty locomotives as well as for West Virginia's mountain vistas. Book your journey on the Cass Scenic Railroad, Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad, Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad, or, for a real treat, the New River Train, which runs only four times per year.

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    The Greenbrier Resort, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
    The Greenbrier Resort, White Sulphur Springs. Walter Bibikow / Getty Images

    West Virginia's most famous hotel, which opened in 1778, has a fabled history.  The Greenbrier has played host to presidents, tycoons and stars, and it has also served as a military hospital (during the Civil War and World War II) and emergency bunker for the Cold War Congress.   Today visitors travel to The Greenbrier to play golf, enjoy the hotel's renowned spa and relax in the serenity of West Virginia's forested mountains.

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    Photo © Steve Parode

    In a lush green Pocahontas County valley, you can experience cutting-edge astronomy.  The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in Green Bank, West Virginia is home to the largest fully-steerable radio telescope on Earth, the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope.  You can take a bus tour of the valley and see the many radio telescopes. Afterward, visit NRAO Green Bank's on-site museum to learn more about the astronomy research that is currently happening at the NRAO.

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    Outdoor Adventures

    Morning Light on Dolly Sods, West Virginia
    Morning Light on Dolly Sods, West Virginia. Dennis Govoni / Getty Images

    West Virginia's mountains and rivers are more than just scenic destinations – they are home to West Virginia's many outdoor recreation adventures. Whitewater rafting, hiking and walking are popular summertime activities, while skiing and snow sports dominate the winter calendar. Take a scenic drive at any time of year; you'll be rewarded with beautiful views and a close-up look at the natural beauty of the Mountain State.

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    Hunting and Fishing

    Boy fishing below the New River Gorge bridge in West Virginia
    Harrison Shull / Getty Images

    West Virginia's fantastic hunting and fishing opportunities draw sportsmen from near and far. If you enjoy fishing or hunting, consider spending a weekend – or more – in West Virginia. (Tip: Remember to buy your hunting or fishing license before heading into the wilderness.)

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    New River Gorge National River

    Daredevils Take The Plunge Off America's Second Highest Bridge at the New River Gorge, West Virginia
    Daredevils Take The Plunge Off America's Second Highest Bridge at the New River Gorge, West Virginia. Jeff Swensen / Getty Images

    New River Gorge National River, part of the US National Park system, attracts over one million visitors each year.  The park, which encompasses a 50-plus mile stretch of the New River, preserves some of West Virginia's best-known landmarks and view points, including the Great Bend Tunnel where legendary steel driver John Henry faced off against a steam-powered machine and the New River Bridge, over 3,000 feet long and 876 feet high.  At New River Gorge National River, you can walk, hike, paddle, raft, camp and absorb the region's compelling coal mining heritage.