Explore the Best of the Best in Las Vegas

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    Looking for the Best of Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is a city in the United States, the most populous city in the state of Nevada. Las Vegas is an internationally renowned major resort city known primarily for gambling, shopping, fine dining and nightlife and is the leading financial and cultural center for Southern Nevada.
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    When you're planning a trip to Las Vegas, you'll find countless opportunities for hotels, food, entertainment, and attractions. How can you manage to sort through everything the city has to offer? Quite simply, pay attention to ]the best of the best.

    If you have a limited amount of time to enjoy the city, you'll want to cram in as much as you can. Let's take a look at the very best of Las Vegas and see if we can't help you narrow down your options.

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    The Best Free Things in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas Strip
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    If you can get something for free it always feels better, right? Las Vegas has quality free attractions and you easily get to them right on the Las Vegas strip. It's even possible to get free drinks (for now at least).

    The best free show in Las Vegas has to be the Fountains at Bellagio. It's a little respite from the busy strip and it's sure to enchant you as the choreographed water display goes off every 30 minutes.

    If you're in town on the first Friday of the month, then you'll want to hit First Friday Las Vegas. This free art show takes place downtown and it's filled with art, food, music, and a chance to support local artists. Art lovers will also want to check out the City Center Art Collection and the contemporary art inside The Cosmopolitan.

    Other free attractions include the circus acts at Circus Circus, the latest exhibit at the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden, and the erupting volcano outside The Mirage.

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    The Best Hotels in Las Vegas

    The Flamingo, Las Vegas
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    Where you rest your head at night depends on a lot of factors. Most importantly, if you are looking for the quality that Las Vegas is known for, you'll need to stay at the best hotels.

    As you might imagine, Las Vegas is filled with truly great hotels and many of them strive to be the most luxurious of them all. However, some are a little better for certain people and occasions. For example, the best honeymoon hotels are Bellagio and Encore while the best hotel for foodies is the Cosmopolitan.

    The best hotel for a budget? Generally, you can count on the Stratosphere and the Flamingo to take care of you. You'll also find a number of great places to stay for that family vacation. After all, Las Vegas isn't just for adults.

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    The Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

    North 3rd Street, Downtown District, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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    Steaks, burgers, Italian, French, formal, and informal: the best places to eat in Las Vegas come in all forms. It truly is a culinary landscape and there is a restaurant near you that will fit whatever craving you have at the moment.

    Trying to keep up on the latest and greatest restaurant in Las Vegas is a daunting task. New restaurants open every year and there's always something bigger, better, or more unique to try out. 

    You certainly can spend $200 on a meal if you like, but some of us need to be a little tighter with our cash. The great news is that Las Vegas is filled with as many affordable restaurants as it is luxurious ones. From pizza to burgers, tacos to food court specials, you'll find plenty of cheap food on and off the strip.

    As we all know, the strip goes all day and all night. If you find yourself with a 2 a.m. craving, you'll also want to know the best late night spots to pick up a bite.

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    The Best Shows in Las Vegas

    Cirque Du Soleil Presents 2nd Annual 'One Night For ONE DROP' At Mandalay Bay Resort And Casino
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    Entertainment is the major attraction when you visit Las Vegas. Afternoon shows, Broadway productions, magic shows, comedy shows, you name it and you can see it in Las Vegas.

    The best part is that there's always something new coming to town. Sure, there are regulars that have a long-running show on the strip, but many only have a short run. This revolving door of entertainment leads to some great nights at the theater.

    Defining which are the best shows in Las Vegas depends on what's showing right now. Some like Cirque du Soleil and the Blue Man Group are regulars and they're great fun for the entire family.

    The only issue besides deciding which shows to see is figuring out how to score discount tickets.

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    The Best Attractions in Las Vegas

    The Cosmopolitan Hotel Debuts in Las Vegas
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    There is so much to do in Las Vegas and you have a finite amount of time to do it. We're still pursuing only the best, so let's take a look at the area attractions that you absolutely can't miss out on.

    The Nevada sun will wear on you if you're not near the pool. Luckily, Las Vegas is filled with fantastic pools and there's something for everyone. Want to gamble in the water? Got it. Want to float the lazy river all day? Check. Looking for some place to go topless? You know we have that covered too.

    Las Vegas is also home to some of the greatest thrill rides the country has to offer. You can jump off the Stratosphere or try out one of their other insane rides high up on the tower. Hop on a roller coaster, head to the desert for some rock crawling in a Jeep, or try some indoor skydiving. It's a thrill a minute around here.

    If you've had enough of all the excitement, you might want to step back and relax for awhile. Las Vegas is home to some very impressive museums and there are a few places outside the city that make a great day trip as well.

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    The Best Nightlife in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas skyline at night
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    Nightclubs, bars, lounges how will you make sense of it all? Lucky for you, some of us have taken one for the team. We've crawled our ways through endless cocktails, pints, and bad house wines to give you the best shot at having a great time in Las Vegas.

    The casinos typically have some of the best bars on the strip. Of course, they do! They know that the more you drink the more money you're likely to gamble away. Be sure to check out the artistry of the bartenders at places like Fusion Mixology Bar at the Palazzo and the Petrosian Bar at Bellagio. 

    Also, there is no "last call" in Las Vegas and if you're up for an all-nighter, there are some hotspots you'll want to hit.

    We also understand that Las Vegas is ​a convenient and fun getaway with your best friends, so you'll find the girls-only weekend planner quite handy. What, do you guys want one, too? Here's your bachelor weekend guide to Las Vegas.