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Tel Aviv has already made a huge name for itself as one of the most incredible cities in the world for nightlife. With its mediterranean climate, world-class DJs, gorgeous people, beautiful beach sunsets, and a diverse, hedonistic population that just won’t let the party stop, it is nearly impossible to have a bad time in the Middle East’s most popular party town. Here are 10 of the best bars and clubs you can find in Tel Aviv for a truly unique late night experience.

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Best Multi-Experience Club: Kuli Alma

Kuli Alma

 Kuli Alma

Mikve Israel St 10, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Phone +972 3-656-5155

If you and your crew can’t agree on where to go, Kuli Alma’s your winner. They hav mojito slushies, pizza, locals, an art gallery, a vintage clothing store, street art, an outdoor courtyard, a dramatic staircase, and a subterranean dance floor with incredible music. With offerings like that, Kuli Alma will satisfy any experience you’re looking for. It’s no wonder nobody leaves til 5 a.m.

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Best Hipster Bar: Sputnik



Allenby St 122, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Phone +972 52-642-6532

Named after the first Russian artificial Earth satellite, this part outdoor, part indoor “retro-futuristic” bar is the perfect place to gather and have a drink with friends amongst interactive space-inspired decor. It’s got a secret-garden feel tucked away in a small alleyway off Allenby but by midnight, the place turns into a packed dance house. They often host events that feature some of the best DJ’s in town for all-night dancing.

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Best Spot for Singles to Mingle: ZooZoo

Rothschild Blvd 32, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Phone +972 52-556-6257

Because of its popularity, ZooZoo is basically the watering hole for singles, where dancing on the bar is rewarded with free shots and the music’s so loud, you can barely hear yourself think. It’s located on the famous Rothschild Boulevard amongst the most popular bars and clubs, making it convenient for a final stop after a long night of partying.

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Best Bar for a Meal: Voodoo



Ben Tsiyon Blvd 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Phone +972 52-833-5035

Brought to you by the same group that owns Sputnik, Voodoo is a beautiful lounge, club, and gastro bar adorned with totems and tribal masks. Come for the crazy decor and friendly faces, but stay for the absolutely incredible menu of food and drink on offer. Their menu includes delicious treats like Beef Carpaccio, Black Voodoo Burger, and Sea Fish Sashimi: sea fish, citrus fruit, avocado, Nori seaweed, creme fraiche, and micro cilantro. But don’t forget to try their incredible cocktails: the Nago Xango will change your life.

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Best Budget Bar: Cofix Bar

Clear plastic cup on a black, rubber mat filled with lite beer. There are two full shot glasses out of focus in the background


Lilienblum St 21, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

This is a great spot if your bank account needs a break. Cofix started a revolution when they launched their mission to offer affordable coffee in a city with skyrocketing price points. With over 100 coffee shop locations under their belt, they recently opened Cofix Bar: a tiny dive bar where you can get beer, wine, vodka, and whisky from top brands at cheap prices. Nearly everything is 10 NIS or below (that’s under $3) which is absolutely bananas for anywhere, let alone Tel Aviv.

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Best Patio Bar: Drama

Three potted palm plants in a darkened room with a disco ball on the right of the plants


Nahalat Binyamin St 52, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

A cocktail bar, dance club, and outdoor courtyard all rolled into one, you could spend all day at Drama. Their outdoor patio is absolutely stunning; it's a perfect stop for a summer night hang where you can sip some cocktails, eat some snacks, and chat with locals. The vibe is a bit chiller, but if you’re looking for a wilder time — just head to their top level dance floor and go nuts to the House music on rotation.

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Best Pub Crawl: Tel Aviv Nights

If you’ve got limited time or simply want to meet other people, Tel Aviv Nights is the pub crawl of pub crawls. For around $25, you get a beer, five shots, VIP entrance to four bars and clubs tailored for that specific evening, and a group of awesome international travelers to party with. Their hosts are absolutely lovely people who will do anything to show you a good time, and always know the hottest spots so you'll never show up to a dead atmosphere. 

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Best Underground Bar: Radio EPGB

Radio E.P.G.B

Radio E.P.G.B 

Shadal St 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Phone +972 3-560-3636

Where the “it” boys and girls of art and fashion go to impress each other with their style and impeccable taste, this ultra-unique, ultra-hip, and ultra-dynamic basement club is hard to put in a box — and they like to keep it that way. Mondays it’s all about hip-hop, Tuesday it’s all about House, Thursday you might even get some country, but the one guarantee is that you never know what sort of vibe you’re walking into; you just have to show up and see.

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Best Casual Spot to Turn Up: Teder.FM



בית רומנו, Derech Jaffa 9, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Phone +972 3-571-9622

After several years broadcasting their online radio station from various bars around Tel Aviv, Teder.FM finally settled on The Romano as their home base for hosting chill, unpretentious, and super social nightlife events. These events include live performances, open air parties, theme nights, and even second-hand markets and movie nights. They also serve some of the best pizza in the city, so grab a jug of beer, a slice, and enjoy the open air festivities with the coolest kids in town. 

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Best Rooftop Bar: Speakeasy



Rothschild Blvd 24, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Chic, sophisticated, and a bit bougie, this stunning rooftop bar comes complete with comfy couches, cool DJs, amazing views, and an extensive drink menu. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a fancy rooftop bar in New York City, which is an interesting change of pace compared to the rest of Tel Aviv’s more eclectic nightlife scene. Be sure to dress nicely and definitely make a reservation beforehand, since that’s what all the other posh people do. 

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