The Best Margaritas in Dallas-Fort Worth

Here in DFW we love margaritas. And patios. And margaritas on patios. Thank goodness there is a holiday to celebrate the frozen concoction that helps us hold on. And maybe even a few on the rocks.

Yes, lovers of all things tequila, there is a National Margarita Day. It's Sunday, February 22, 2015. I suggest that we all raise a salt-rimmed glass and celebrate this holiday at a DFW mexican food restaurant or your favorite cantina.

It was a dirty job but somebody had to volunteer to do the research. I really didn't mind at all. Pass the ibuprofen.

There are so many different specialty margarita recipes on menus throughout DFW. They come in different sizes and colors. Frozen or on-the-rocks, count on tequila, ice, lime juice and a salty-rimmed glass to bring perfection to an hour that previously wasn't so happy.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

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Mariano's / La Hacienda Ranch

Mariano Martinez and the first Frozen Margarita Machine
Photo by Richard Strauss, Smithsonian Institute 2008

Back in 1971, Mariano Martinez was diligently working to produce frozen drinks for his customers. They were so good that his simple blender couldn't keep up with the demand. After eyeballing 7-Eleven's Slurpee machine, he worked with a friend to invent the first margarita machine. The rest is (wait for it) history. The very first machine is now in the Smithsonian Institute.

You can even celebrate Margarita Mondays at the restaurants with half-priced margaritas all day long long.

La Hacienda Ranch, Mariano's Hacienda, and Mariano's restaurants can be found throughout DFW.

Just in case he sees this article, THANK YOU MARIANO MARTINEZ for your fine contribution to society. You've made us all funnier, sexier and more popular.

Update: I was contacted by Mr. Martinez after this article was first published and he said that he wants to use my quote in a upcoming book! I'm so honored.

Here's more on Mariano’s famous restaurants.

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Angela Patterson

If you don't think Gloria's frozen margaritas are some of the best in town, then perhaps you need to do some more research. Their patios are some of the best in town. And nothing beats an icy drink on a hot day. Sample one on National Margarita Day and see if you agree with me. I may just find myself on their patio today. But you'll definitely find me there throughout the summr.

Locations in Arlington, Addison, Dallas, Fairview, Frisco, Fort Worth, Garland, Oak Cliff, Rockwall.

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Mi Cocina / Taco Diner

The Mambo Taxi is legendary at both Mi Cocina and Taco Diner. Is the Mambo Taxi as good as it used to be? Talk amongst yourselves. Regardless, I'm going to order one when I'm in the resto.

Locations throughout DFW.

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Angela Patterson

Cristina's is raising the bar


their bar. The Skinny Margaritas are light and delicious and the calorie-conscious crowd will definitely approve. But my favorite new drink is the Blackberry Mint Margarita. This exotic drink maintains the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors -- and there's just something exotic and refreshing when you enjoy a drink made with blackberries. Don't worry that it's a summertime-only drink. I sampled my first one in September and summer lingers in the DFW area. Cristina's Fine Mexian Restaurants are located in Frisco, North Frisco, Garland/Firewheel, Flower Mound, Forney, Lewisville, McKinney, Murphy, Plano/Carrollton, Southlake, Trophy Club.

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Joe T. Garcia's

Oh yes, the frozen margs are great but on-the-rocks are even better. There's no doubt that the legendary Fort Worth establishment has the biggest and best margarita-drinking patio in all of DFW. Order some famous fajitas and imbibe in an adult beverage today. And I literally mean "today." The weather is going to be perfect.

Don't forget to bring cash. Credit cards aren't accepted here. No worries. There's a handy ATM for your convenience.

Joe T. Garcia's, 2201 North Commerce Street, Fort Worth, TX 76164. 817-626-4356

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Blue Mesa Grill

Blue Mesa Grill

When I first moved to DFW, one of my favorite margaritas was the Classic Blue Signature Margarita, frozen or on the rocks, and made with fresh lime juice. I still enjoy that signature drink. It's $6.95 -- but the good news is that it's only $4 during happy hour in the Tequila Bar. That makes me happy and so does the nostalgia from enjoying this margarita over the decades. Check out their Tequila Bar with over 100 varieties. Try an icy one or on-the-rocks, you can't go wrong!


Locations throughout DFW.

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Photo courtesy Mattito's

Well, all I can say is it's nacho typical margarita. Bad pun? Yes. Great margarita. Yes. I've been to birthday parties at Mattito's. I've sat out on the patio with neighbors at Mattito's. Regardless the event, the place is usually crowded and always good. I can't have a margarita without their signature Bob Armstrong queso. It's not on the menu but


Locations in Dallas (Uptown and across from Medical City) and Frisco.

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I'm not sure if it's the taste of the margaritas or the ambiance of the Cigar Bar/Lounge that's so darn enjoyable at Javier's. Either way, it's a win-win.

Javiers, 4912 Cole Avenue Dallas, TX 75205. 214-521-4211.

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Mesa Veracruz

Angela Patterson

I love, love, love a spicy cocktail. And if you like it hot, I highly recommend a visit to Mesa Veracruz in Oak Cliff. Think about all the flavor of your favorite on-the-rocks 'rita kicked up with the spicy flavor of serrano peppers infused in the tequila.

¡Ay, caramba! Por favor amigo,

I'll have another!

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Wild Salsa

Angela Patterson

Here's another favorite on my list. Check out more from Wild Salsa here.

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