Top 4 Hidden Hikes in Oahu

Go Off the Beaten Path in Oahu

Whether you are a novice hiker or expert trailblazer, Oahu offers lots of hikes that suit all ability levels.

Some of the more difficult hikes require hand-over-hand rock climbing, vertical ascensions, and special equipment, yet at the top, those daring enough are rewarded with stunning panoramic views, upside down waterfalls and untouched vegetation.

There are, however, other hikes that are much easier. Here are a few easy and intermediate hikes that are great for everyone.

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'Aiea Loop Trail

Scenic View Of Mountains Against Sky
Nicholas Magaw / EyeEm / Getty Images

This mild and peaceful hike is perfect for casual hikers who want to experience the natural beauty of Oahu up close.

The trail, located in secluded Kea'iwa Park, is a simple, 4.5-mile path through shady forests of guava, albizia, koa, and pine.

There is no climbing necessary, as the trail is completely graded.

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Ka'iwa Ridge Trail

Kaiwa Ridge Trail
Deb Nystrom/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Located in the hills behind Lanikai, this trail is very short, but the payoff is unbeatable.

After walking up a somewhat steep incline for about 10-15 minutes (a rope is often available to assist you), the trail travels uphill along a fairly safe, dusty ridge with spectacular views on both sides.

It leads up to a pair of military pillboxes upon which hikers like to sit and enjoy the view of the Windward side.

This is the best and most rewarding view one can hope for after only about 30 minutes of hiking.

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Kamiloiki Ridge Trail

This is a short, moderately easy hike compared to other ridge trails on the island.

There is no thick vegetation along this Hawai'i Kai trail. Although this trail is not a constructed trail, its barely worn footpath, traveling over rocks and ankle-high shrubbery, is easy to follow.

Along the way, hikers can get a great view of the surrounding valleys, and at the end of the trail, a shady lunch spot awaits.

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Kaunala Trail

This 2.5-mile loop trail wanders through the lonely and secluded gulches of the northern tip of Oahu, allowing hikers to have a peaceful encounter with nature and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This trail is only open on weekends and holidays.