The Best Greek Restaurants in Charlotte

Got a craving for souvlaki or falafel? Here are the best places to satisfy your Greek cravings in Charlotte.

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Akropolis Café

The Best Greek Restaurants in Charlotte
Courtesy of Akropolis Café
8200 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277, USA
Phone +1 704-541-5099

A sort of obscure restaurant, this is a mainstay for many locals and a favorite for many years when it comes to Greek salads. The meat here is always prepared very well, and the kabobs are always excellent. There is a casual diner feel here, so you won’t be wowed by the atmosphere. You’ll get nothing flashy or fancy here, just good, solid Greek food.

Recommended dishes: falafel sandwich with tahini, stuffed grape leaves, chicken souvlaki kabobs

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The Mad Greek of Charlotte

The Best Greek Restaurants in Charlotte
Courtesy of the Mad Greek Cafe
5011 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28217-2707, USA
Phone +1 704-523-8296

The Mad Greek of Charlotte is a small diner that has excellent Greek and American food. Prices are reasonable, and you get a lot of food. Everything’s homemade here, and it shows. The salads are fresh and the souvlaki is excellent. The exterior of the restaurant looks the “small diner” part, but don’t let that put you off. This is one of Charlotte’s best Greek options.

Recommended dishes: hummus, sea bass, kebab plate,

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The Best Greek Restaurants in Charlotte
Courtesy of Showmars
201 S College St, Charlotte, NC 28202, USA
Phone +1 704-334-0064

Multiple locations

A blend of American and Greek food, Showmar’s isn’t truly a Greek restaurant, but that doesn’t diminish the quality of their food. The restaurant itself falls in the middle ground of fast food and full service. They do have gyros, pitas and such along with American items like traditional burgers.

Recommended dishes: Virtually everything here is excellent with the pita burger a standout.

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