6 Doughnuts to Try in Portland Besides Voodoo

Back to Eden Bakery Doughnuts
••• Back to Eden is all gluten-free, all the time, and serves gluten-free doughnuts. Photo courtesy of Back to Eden Bakery.

Portland is known for many things, but among these things is a humble doughnut shop—Voodoo Doughnuts. While it’s true that Voodoo Doughnuts is a Portland icon (and their “Portland Creme” doughnut has even been named the Official City Doughnut), it’s also true that Portland is not short on other doughnut shops.

Yes—there are other doughnut shops in Portland besides Voodoo!

Whether you seek luscious, fancy flavors or perfect simplicity, gluten-free or vegan, Portland’s doughnut shops and bakeries are here for you.

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    ••• Pip's Original Doughnuts

    Pip’s is another iconic Portland doughnut shop that usually comes with a line, but again don’t let that line scare you. If people are waiting in line in Portland, you can count on a figurative pot of foodie gold at the end of that rainbow. Instead of full-sized doughnuts, what you’ll find at Pip’s are bite-sized bits of pure heaven. Yeah, they’re that good.

    Flavors rotate and usually include about five or six at a time, but because the doughnuts are small, don’t be afraid to get one (or more!) of each. Flavors can include Nutella, cinnamon sugar and candied maple bacon. 

    While you’re snacking on your doughnuts, don’t miss the chai flights, which feature a number of types of chai tea both traditional and non. Pip’s has both a brick and mortar location as well as a mobile food truck to ensure more doughnuts reach more people.

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    ••• Blue Star Doughnuts

    Like Voodoo and Pip’s, Blue Star Doughnuts is well-known and serves up a mean doughnut… which means you’ll usually find a line. Don’t let that discourage you, though, as Blue Star’s doughnuts are worth the wait. Blue Star seeks to elevate the doughnut to an art form at every step of the process, from the dough that takes a whopping 18 hours to make by hand, to the high-quality ingredients used in each and every doughnut. Just like the pastries, all glazes and fillings are made right at the bakery.

    With so much care put into the ingredients and prep, you can rest assured that the flavors are nothing to sniff at. While flavors change seasonally, expect high-brow combos like raspberry rosemary or blueberry bourbon basil or even creme brulee. Especially keep an eye out for the buttermilk doughnuts (they come in several flavors) as the dough is something not to be missed.

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    Doe Doughnuts is one of the newer kids on the block, but offers something unique yet welcome in a city that aims to meet all dietary needs equally: 100 percent vegan doughnuts. Currently, Doe is Portland's first and only vegan doughnut shop. And even if you aren’t a vegan, you might just love what Doe has to offer as their flavor combinations range from traditional plain yeast doughnuts all the way up to the adventurous. Cookie butter filling with chocolate ganache on top? Sure. Huckleberry quince fritter? You bet!

    Even better, this all-vegan kitchen has mastered the art of vegan cuisine so you won’t only find cakey doughnuts, but also light and airy selections too. The menu changes seasonally, everything is made from scratch and produce used is sourced from local farms.

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    Donut Byte Labs
    ••• Donut Byte Labs has many flavors, but the milk and honey doughnuts are popular. Photo courtesy of Donut Byte Labs.

    If you show up for a Voodoo Doughnut and the line is just too long to stomach, Donut Byte Labs is just a few blocks away. This food cart serves gourmet mini doughnuts—all under two inches across and made fresh throughout the day.

    Flavors come in three delicious tiers—simple, mid-tier and advanced. Simple likely needs no explanation. Mid-tier includes flavors with a little something extra, like salted caramel topping, sprinkles or glazes. Advanced is where it’s really at. Try a bacon maple (yes, all the doughnut shops do this one these days, but each has their own take on it), a Burnside Cream (a doughnut dipped in chocolate glaze, topped with pastry cream and Ghirardelli chocolate), creme brulee, French toast or strawberry cream, or one of their “test flavors” that you can find announced on their social media pages.

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    Tonalli’s Doughnuts & Cream

    If you need doughnuts late at night, Tonalli’s is your best bet. Open until midnight every day, this doughnut destination serves sugar highs galore. Flavors are traditional with some creative twists—blueberry fritter and blueberry old fashioneds are hits. Buttermilk bars and maple bars with bacon bits also won’t steer you wrong. Or get more adventurous with a maple deep fried banana or one of their buttermilk pies. If the day is warm, Tonalli’s also serves up a mean scoop of ice cream.

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    Back to Eden Bakery Doughnuts
    ••• Back to Eden is all gluten-free, all the time, and serves gluten-free doughnuts. Back to Eden Bakery

    Finding a gluten-free doughnut can be a challenge… largely due to the fact that doughnuts are traditionally made from everything those who can’t eat gluten must avoid. Portland to the rescue! Portland is a city with amazing tolerance for all dietary needs and so finding gluten-free doughnuts is not impossible here. Back to Eden Bakery’s cafe (they have three locations, including a dessert bar and a food cart as well as the cafe) serves up a number of gluten-free desserts—including a doughnut! Granted, you won’t find endless flavors and the doughnuts may not always be in stock, but if gluten free is what you seek, gluten free is what you shall find here.