The Best Coffee Shops in St. Paul

St. Paul has a fine selection of coffee shops, with coffee drinks, tasty baked goods, wifi, some with art, or live music, or children's play areas, or peaceful spaces to work, or some/all of the above! Here's a list of the best coffee shops in St. Paul.
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    The coffee is Starbucks. But the reason it's on the list is that this not-for-profit coffee shop employs at-risk youth and young adults from Seventh Landing, a supported housing project for homeless and transient people. The kids get employment training, work experience, and all of the proceeds from the shop support Seventh Landing. Visit on Tuesday and Thursday for $2 latte days.

    Fresh Grounds, 1362 West 7th Street, St. Paul.

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    Amore Coffee used to be on Grand Avenue, but recently moved to the other side of the river, and now can be found on the west side of St. Paul. Their new space is spacious and light, offering board games and books, old-school video games, local art on display and for sale, and it's as homely and as welcoming as can be. The coffee is some of the best in the city, and the food is great too, including organic, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

    Amore Coffee, 879 Smith Avenue W., St. Paul.

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    Dunn Bros Coffee may be a national chain, but it all started with one coffee shop on Grand Avenue. The original Dunn Bros has great atmosphere, good coffee, and free live music on several evenings a week.

    Dunn Bros, 1569 Grand Avenue, St. Paul.

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    Java Train

    Easily the best coffee shop to bring the kids to. Java Train has a fantastic train-shaped playhouse inside, and a sandbox and water tower outside. Murals and art on the walls, friendly staff, and a separate, quiet area for adults to work or drink their coffee in peace. This place could be perfect but unfortunately the quality of their coffee and food is rather inconsistent. Having said that, they also have wonderful Izzy's ice cream and kids always have a great time here. Java Train is my favorite haunt for lunch or snacks with kids after visiting Como Zoo.

    Java Train, 1341 Pascal Avenue, St. Paul.

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    In the first floor of a one-time Cathedral Hill hotel frequented by the F. Scott Fitzgerald family, it's a gorgeous space, and the coffee is great too. My favorite place to get coffee and do some work at. The tables outside are very pleasant on a summer's day.

    Nina's Coffee Cafe, 165 Western Avenue N, St. Paul.

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    Not a coffee shop in the strictest sense - Shish is a Mediterranean restaurant. It makes the list because their Turkish coffee is phenomenal and one of the best caffeine highs in the Twin Cities. Their other coffee drinks - all of your favorite cappuccino, latte, and other espresso-based drinks are great too. Baklava and other delicious baked goods are also for sale, and their American-Mediterranean fusion breakfasts are huge and delicious too.

    Shish, 1668 Grand Avenue, St. Paul

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    Black Dog Coffee is in Lowertown St. Paul, right by the farmer's market. Grab a coffee before browsing the market, or enjoy your coffee inside and admire the local artists work on the walls. The food is good and particularly good value during happy hours. Black Dog is also on the list of places to go in the evening in downtown St. Paul, as they have draft beer and wine, as well as all of their coffee drinks.

    Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar, 308 Prince Street, St. Paul

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    This little coffee shop has great atmosphere, with exposed brick walls, tapestries and wall hangings, and often art and greetings cards for sale. The coffee is smooth and delicious, they are open early morning until late at night, and in the summer, there is a charming patio outside. Their location, at the corner of Selby and Snelling, also has several other interesting, unique stores.

    Cahoots Coffee, 1562 Selby Avenue, St. Paul.

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    Mad Hatter's Coffee Cafe & Teahouse

    As eccentric inside as you might expect from the name, the walls are covered with art and the cakes look like they are baked for a literary tea party. And because nothing goes better with a good cup of coffee or tea than a good book, they run a book exchange. Mad Hatter's hosts a conversational salon every week, and welcome groups and community organizations for cake, tea and discussions.

    Mad Hatter's Coffee Cafe & Teahouse, 943 West Seventh 7th Street.

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    An unpretentious neighborhood coffee shop on the west side of St. Paul.

    1382 Payne Avenue, St. Paul.

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    Warm and cozy, friendly, with an upper and lower level so you can find a space to work just as easily as a table to chat and catch up with friends. Locally made baked goods, food, and terrific coffee. Occasional live music on Friday nights.

    479 West Seventh Street, St. Paul.

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    Artist's Grind

    A cosy, comfortable atmosphere, organic coffee, welcoming staff, wonderful food, and local artist's work on the walls. A great place to relax, to have a conference, or work at.

    Artist's Grind, 2399 West University Avenue.