The Best Burgers in Seattle

Seattle is a city that serves up just about any kind of cuisine you might hunger for, and burgers are no exception. You’ll find burgers on the menu at all kinds of restaurants, whether they specialize in the art of the burger or not. But if what you seek is a burger done right, then you might want to head to a place that puts all their focus into beef patties. Fortunately, there are several restaurants that do just that – from straight-up burger shacks that do nothing but burgers, shakes, and fries, to places that get a little more creative.

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8oz Burger & Co

Burger with roasted peppers, ham, a sunny side up egg, and a top bun with pesto on a plate with a glass of lite beer behind it

Courtesy of 8oz Burger & Co 

1401 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122-3854, USA
Phone +1 206-466-5989

If you're in the mood for a fancy burger, 8oz Burger & Co. is the place for you. Granted, you can get a straight-up classic burger there, but even that is made with antibiotic and hormone free, locally raised Black Angus beef from an open prairie in Pasco, Washington (as are all the burgers here). Other burgers come topped with everything from garlic roasted tomatoes and prosciutto, to balsamic onions and candied bacon, with plenty of other unusual yet highly delicious topping choices. Sides are equally upscale and include salads, appetizers as well as truffled garlic fries and IPA onion rings.

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Rain City Burgers

6501 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115-6626, USA
Phone +1 206-525-3542

In the true spirit of Seattle, Rain City Burgers serves beef with no hormones or antibiotics in it and from cows fed a vegetarian diet, just as nature intended. The result? Tasty burgers that you can feel good about. The menu has a pleasing array of both classic and dressed-up burgers, but just about all burgers on the menu are approachable to all burger lovers with toppings like cheese, onion rings, avocados, and more. The fry selection is extra delicious with hand-cut fries, tater tots, sweet potato fries, and onion rings on offer.

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Dick’s Drive-In

Dick's Drive In Seattle on a rainy night

SEASTOCK / Getty Images

111 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105, USA
Phone +1 206-632-5125

Dick’s Drive-In is a Seattle institution. More than one generation has enjoyed these classic burgers, shakes and fries as this burger joint has been serving up its simple yet tasty menu since 1954. The menu has remained just about the same since the restaurant opened its doors and you’ll find all-beef, never-frozen burgers, hand-cut fries, hand-dipped chocolate, strawberry and vanilla shakes. It’s pretty basic, but it’s delicious and cheap and guaranteed to hit the spot.

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Red Mill Burgers

312 N 67th St, Seattle, WA 98103-5210, USA
Phone +1 206-783-6362

Like other spots on this list, Red Mill Burgers comes with a reputation and has its host of fans who consider it to be the best burger joint in town. Burgers are prepared fresh and flame broiled. You’ll find plenty of classic fare on the menu topped with variations of cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. You’ll also find a few more interesting burgers, such as the Verde Burger with fire roasted Anaheim peppers and jack cheese; the Red Onion Jam Burger with tons of caramelized onions; or the Bleu Cheese N’ Bacon Burger with, well, the title says it all. Sides include fries and onion rings.

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Katsu Burger

Burger from Katsu Burger with katsu patty, shredded cabbage, red onion, pickles, tomatoes, jalapeños, and a yellow sauce

 Courtesy of Katsu Burger

6538 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108, USA
Phone +1 206-762-0752

Katsu Burger, the Georgetown area, isn’t your traditional burger and fries joint. It is a marriage between burgers and Japanese flavors. Instead of ketchup, mustard and pickles, you’ll find tonkatsu sauce, Japanese mayo, miso honey mustard, and wasabi. Instead of fries with salt (well, okay, you can still get those here too), you’ll find fries topped with nori, curry or “12 spice.” Sides include wasabi coleslaw, seaweed salad, Japanese-style croquettes, and Banzai bites made from chicken or pork.

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Zippy’s Giant Burgers

9614 14th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106-2813, USA
Phone +1 206-763-1347

Zippy’s is a popular burger spot in West Seattle that grinds its own chuck each and every day. The burger lineup includes classic burgers, a great kids menu, a collection of special burgers with a variety of toppings, and a list of customizable toppings if you need to up the ante on your burger. Chicken sandwiches and a black bean burger are also available.

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Uneeda Burger

Pulled pork sandwich with barbecue sauce and coleslaw

Courtesy of Uneeda Burger 

4302 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103, USA
Phone +1 206-547-2600

Don’t be fooled by the humble exterior. Uneeda Burger has a cozy, pub-style atmosphere and a menu that is known for being knock-your-socks-off delicious. Uneeda Burger is all about locally sourced beef, chicken and veggies. You can go classic as far as burgers go, or you can try one of the restaurant’s signature burgers like one topped with caramelized onions, watercress and blue cheese; or another topped with charred peppers, onions and gruyere. Fries are hand-cut and equally delicious, plus you can even order poutine (a Canadian specialty where fries are topped with gravy and cheese curds). Bonus: Uneeda Burger serves Snoqualmie ice cream for the shakes and has a strong wine and beer list!

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