The Best Beaches in Sweden

Where to Swim and Sunbathe

'Sweden, Skane, Malmo, Ribersborg, Coastline with Turning Torso in background'
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Sweden is a country known for its winter activities, but it's also a land of many beautiful beaches. If you're visiting Sweden in the summertime, you'll have no trouble finding plenty of fantastic places to swim and sunbathe at the shore.

One thing to keep in mind: Unlike beaches in other Scandinavian countries, pets are not allowed on every Swedish beach. But there are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy at Sweden's beaches.

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    Stockholm:Långholmsbadet Beach and Smedsuddsbadet Beach

    Smedsuddsbadet bathing beach, Stockholm
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    If you don't want to stray far from the Swedish capital of Stockholm and still enjoy sand and sun, visit the two popular beaches right in the city: Långholmsbadet and Smedsuddsbadet. There are public facilities for swimmers along with food and recreational areas.

    Since they are so close to the city, these two beaches can get a little crowded in the summer, but it's worth it. Both beaches are well-known, just ask your hotel staff or a local resident for directions from your location.

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    South-Eastern Sweden: The Sudersand Beaches on Gotland

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    Open year-round, Sudersand may be Sweden's most popular beach area in the Baltic Sea. The beaches of Sudersand are found on the tiny island of Fårö which belongs to the Swedish island-region of Gotland, located 200 km (125 mi) south of Stockholm.

    You can reach this beach destination from Stockholm with the Nynäshamn-Visby ferry and then the Fårösund-Fårö ferry. The beach region offers boat rentals, activities, accommodation, and food and spectacular Swedish views.

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    South-Central Sweden: Varamon Beach in Östergötland

    Pine forest lining Sweden's longest lake beach at Varamon, Lake Vattern
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    Varamon Beach, located in the center of southern Sweden, is a very popular destination for both locals and visitors.

    This beach gets the most sun of any in Sweden and has lots of soft sand, public facilities, and summer activities for kids and families. To find this beach in Sweden, head to the city of Motala and follow the signs from there.

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    Southern Sweden: Böda Beach on Öland

    If you're in southern Sweden and are looking for great beaches, visit the popular beach of Böda on the island of Öland. Road 137 connects the Swedish mainland from Kalmar to Öland. The Böda beach is a long beach with lots of soft sand, water sports, camping and public facilities as well as a popular golf course.

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    Southern Sweden: The Beaches of Skåne

    Southern Sweden, Österlen, Skåne
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    Nicknamed "the Swedish Riviera," Skåne has beaches like no other region in Sweden. It's the southernmost county in Sweden and offers white sandy beaches.

    Beaches in Skåne are also easily accessible from Denmark (simply cross the Oresund Bridge and you're there). One of the most popular areas is the Ala coast, which runs from Osterlen to Kristianstad. In the autumn, this region is known for its eel fishing. But in the summer, the beaches' fine, white sand make it a must-visit for tourists and locals alike.

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    Ribersborg, Malmo

    'Sweden, Skane, Malmo, Ribersborg, Coastline with Turning Torso in background'
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    This city beach is right in Downtown Malmo, Sweden's third-largest metro area. In addition to swimming and sauna facilities, Ribban, as the beach is known to locals, has showers, green areas and a separate area for dogs. It even has a section for nudists.

    The view of Copenhagen across the Oresund Strait makes this beach worth a visit even if you're not planning to go in the water.

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    Mollön Peninsula Nude Beach, Uddevalla

    This unofficial nude beach on Mollon peninsula is a popular and beautiful spot for bathing on Sweden's west coast. There's also a clothing-required beach on Mollon peninsula for those feeling a little less Bohemian.

    Although it's a picturesque area, neither of the Mollon beaches have public facilities.