The Amazing New York Race

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    Get Ready to Run the Amazing New York Race

    amazing new york race

    Are you a fan of TV's​ The Amazing Race? Have you ever wondered if you had the stuff to cross the finish line first and win the million dollars? Well, now you can run The Amazing Race without leaving New York City.

    The Amazing New York Race is a fun activity for singles, couples, or groups. It's part scavenger hunt, part obstacle course and requires you to run all over New York City tracking down clues and taking photos. You'll be faced with roadblocks, detours, and obscure challenges -- just like on TV. You can even win prizes by racking up the most points.

    I recently ran The Amazing New York Race (and lost out on the big prize primarily because we weren't able to collect enough matchbooks in this nonsmoking city). I recommend it for any adventurous New Yorker looking for something different to do on a date, with friends, or even on your own (you'll be assigned to a team and meet new people).

    Tickets are $35.00 per person and you can sign up for the classic race or...MORE theme races including singles, family, dog-friendly, and holiday races.

    Now come along and see some of the sights that we encountered on The Amazing New York Race.

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    Find the Alligators in the Subway

    amazing new york race subway alligator

    One of our tasks was to find this alligator that lives in the New York City subway system. Do you know which subway station he calls home?

    Our race had a "New York Underground" theme, so we spent a lot of time looking for subway landmarks.

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    Find the Monkeys in the New York City Subways

    amazing new york race subway monkeys

    We were required to take a photo of our entire team completing each task. This forced us all to stay together. It did not force us to pose like monkeys. We did that on our own.

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    Find the Crows in the New York City Subway

    amazing new york race subway crows

    One more subway challenge: do you know where we found these crows perched on the token booth?

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    Find Someone Wearing Leg Warmers

    amazing new york race legwarmers

    We also had to find and photograph random types of people and objects. It took us forever to find a woman wearing leg warmers.

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    Find Someone Wearing Red Pumps

    amazing new york race pumps

    We had an even more difficult time finding someone wearing red pumps on a cold, wet day. Eventually, we had to get creative. A team member modeled these mismatched red pumps in a 14th Street shoe store.

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    Identify and Find Logos on Times Square Billboards

    amazing new york race times square

    Each team received a sheet with individual letters cut out of famous logos. We had to first figure out the logos and then find and photograph them. This was much harder than it may sound. Once we figured out most of the logos, we went to Times Square to photograph them on billboards.

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    Find a Cheap Massage

    amazing new york race massage

    Next, we had to find a New York City sign that described each of the five senses. We found this lovely gentleman's sign was perfect for "touch."

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    Beware of Pickpockets and Loose Women

    amazing new york race, pickpockets, loose women, amazing race

    After four hours of racing, we had covered most of Manhattan. We hit Wall Street, Chinatown, Union Square, Grand Central Terminal, Times Square, Columbus Circle, and finally raced to the finish line in a bar at Penn Station.

    This sign greeted us at the finish line, where we drank beer and waited for all of the points to be tallied. Despite our best efforts and our wealth of extra-credit points, we were defeated by a team of doctors in scrubs.

    Next time, we'll train before the race and wear more comfortable shoes.

    Learn more about The Amazing New York Race and how to participate.