Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunities in Sacramento

Ways to give back this Thanksgiving

Image courtesy of San Jose Library

Volunteering during the holiday season is a wonderful way to bring families together or inspire young people to find interest in philanthropy and humanitarianism. Volunteer opportunities in Sacramento are as diverse as the city’s population itself, with plenty of options for animal lovers, families with small children and more.

Volunteer at this downtown Sacramento soup kitchen that utilizes more than 1,000 volunteers monthly. There is a lot of hands-on labor to be done, including food prep, cooking, serving and cleaning. You can also volunteer to write thank you letters, teach at their affiliated school or work at the service desk at neighboring Friendship Park. All volunteers must be 14 years or older and need to attend a volunteer placement orientation.

At the Sacramento Children’s Receiving Home, there are administrative volunteer opportunities, as well as hands-on chances to work with the kids themselves. All volunteers must be aged 21 or older and pass a livescan fingerprint and DOJ clearance. Some of the volunteer opportunities for those working face-to-face with the children include those who can bring a specific skill to the table – perhaps teaching dance, art, yoga, theatre or sports.

Royal Stage Christian Performing Arts

This theatre arts company is based in Roseville, and is always looking for volunteer teachers, mentors and administrative helpers. They focus their services on children and young adult women who have survived various forms of abuse, including those who have come out of trafficking.

Be an adult literacy tutor, help with events or work on organizing and cataloging at your local library branch. There are many ways to get involved, and it’s also a great way to get some peace and quiet. Go online to submit an application, or check out their VolunteerMatch page for the latest volunteer opportunities available.

Do you have a love for animals? The Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento has opportunities for the whole family to volunteer. Those aged 16 and over can volunteer in all areas, while those aged 12-15 can enroll in a special teen program or volunteer alongside an adult relative. Kids under age twelve can still volunteer time through donation drives, pet treat bag stuffing and more.

The Sacramento Food Bank is known for its Run to Feed the Hungry every Thanksgiving morning, and this takes a legion of volunteers to put on. There are also volunteer opportunities for teens and adults in a variety of areas including donation drives, turkey collections, administration and more.

Sacramento Senior Safe House

Assist the men and women at the Sacramento Senior Safe House – all have survived abuse and are just waiting for someone to come along with a smile and some encouragement. You can volunteer in a variety of areas including cooking, cleaning and companionship.

Sacramento Volunteer Websites

If you wish to volunteer some time, but still aren’t quite sure where to go, there are a few volunteer matching websites that have extra opportunities listed in anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Volunteers of America

The Northern California & Northern Nevada division of this nationwide organization lists Sacramento-area opportunities via their website. Check it out and filter to what opportunities apply to you.

The City of Sacramento offers many volunteer opportunities that vary in both volunteer requirements and demographics served. Many city-run groups post volunteer needs here, as well as dozens of private organizations throughout the Sacramento region.

There are literally hundreds of opportunities in Sacramento based upon the searches you enter into VolunteerMatch. As a leading volunteer matching website, they serve the valley well in a variety of causes including children, education, healthcare and seniors. Whatever your gifting is, there is a way to plug in via this site.

This Thanksgiving, don’t just eat and watch the game – instead, get inspired by helping those less fortunate. There is no limit to what you can do, even when you may feel as if you have nothing to offer. Get out there and serve your local community – you’ll feel great that you did.