Thanksgiving Takeout in Albuquerque

Getty Images/Stampfli

While there are several restaurants to get sit-down meals this Thanksgiving, those wanting to stay at home during the holiday also have a number of places to pick up takeout Thanksgiving meals in Albuquerque.

If you're traveling to or vacationing in Albuquerque (or live there and don't want to cook) this holiday season, you can avoid the hassle of preparing a Thanksgiving feast by ordering ahead and visiting a local grocery store, specialty shop, or restaurant to pick up your completely prepared meal!

A few words of caution: be sure to place your order at least two days before Thanksgiving as demand for these meals often mean shops are at capacity by the holiday, and you might have to cook some of these prepared meals before serving. There are also a number of made-to-order Thanksgiving meal options, so no matter when you try to get your meal, you should be able to find at least one place in the Albuquerque area to get a takeout dinner worthy of this holiday of feasting.

Grocery and Specialty Stores

Several grocery and specialty stores sell prepared and ready-to-eat Thanksgiving meals in Albuquerque this Thanksgiving, however a few of them are not open on the holiday itself so you'll have to pick up your meals beforehand.

At 5307 Menaul NorthEast, ​HoneyBaked Ham offers a large selection of meats and sides for a perfect holiday feast; however, you'll need to pre-order your food now and pick it up before Thanksgiving day (any time that week) as this specialty meat store is closed for the holiday.​

With two locations in and around Albuquerque, Keller's Farm Stores is well known for its fresh, chemical-free meats, and they feature a variety of ready-to-serve dinners and side dishes available this holiday season. The Keller's holiday dinner serves two to four and includes dressing, sweet potato casserole, turkey or another boneless meat, cranberry orange salad, and a pumpkin pie, or they also offer a dinner that serves four to six and one that serves eight to 12, 14 to 18, or 20 to 26. Whole turkeys come with the serving options of 14 to 18 or 20 to 26.

La Montanita Co-op also has a wide selection of takeout foods available, from traditional to vegetarian and vegan options. Mix and match side dishes and entrees and choose from a wide variety of pies and dessert breads but be aware that orders need to be placed ahead of the holiday rush, and the same goes for Sprouts Markets, which offers cooked meals that serve small or large families.

Finally, Whole Foods, which has two locations in the area, will be open Thanksgiving Day from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and you can reserve your order at the deli for any takeout food including a heat-and-eat holiday meal for four. 


Some restaurants also offer takeout Thanksgiving dinners and depending on what you're looking for, you can get the whole meal, a few pies, and dessert, or just a couple of sides.

Furrs Family Buffet's two locations are both offering traditional Thanksgiving dinner to-go in meal, feast, or quart-sized portions, but both locations require at least 24 hours advanced reservations for picking up these takeout meals. 

Buca di Beppo is open Thanksgiving Day and offers a special catered meal for the holiday, available in two different sizes. Mimi's is open during the holiday as well and offers traditional turkey with all the trimmings as well as some select signature dishes, all of which feeds about eight to 10 people, or you can just order the sides, a la carte, or a holiday brunch to go!

Rudy's Country Store and BBQ offers oak-smoked turkeys or hams for pickup that you can just take home and serve, or you can check out Pepper's Ole' Fashion BBQ, which has pecan-smoked turkeys, deep-fried turkeys, or smoked hams—and you get a free sweet potato pie and a quart of chicken dressing with each order!