5 Places to Get a Thanksgiving Dinner-to-Go in Manhattan

Get Your Feast Catered and Delivered for Stress-Free Holiday

Thanksgiving catering in NYC

Thanksgiving is a great time for good times with family and friends, but preparing the biggest meal of the year can be really stressful. Turkeys take hours to bake, not to mention prep time for all of the side dishes. There's also the grocery shopping required to get a full meal all ready to go. Not to mention Manhattan's shoebox-size apartments (and kitchens) that make fixing Thanksgiving dinner just that much more difficult.

With so many hassles to consider, don't overlook ordering up a catered Thanksgiving meal so that you can really enjoy the holiday.

Caterers for Thanksgiving Dinner in NYC

A number of establishments in New York City offer catering for Thanksgiving dinner, and you can pick up your order in the days before Thanksgiving. To eliminate even that hassle, here are five Manhattan grocery stores that offer Thanksgiving menus, as well as delivery, in 2017. (Another option if you are really down for abandoning the whole business: Consider these Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving Dinner in NYC.)


Zabar's is an iconic store on the Upper West Side with more than 80 years of history, and it offers a great option for people who want their Thanksgiving catered. Zabar's offers a complete Thanksgiving dinner for six or 10 that includes roast turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry salad, mashed potatoes, string beans with almonds, dinner rolls, and apple or pumpkin pie.

The dinner for six is $199, and the dinner for 10, $299. You can also order a la carte if you'd like a different menu. All orders will be delivered by messenger.

Butterfield Market

Established in 1915, Butterfield Market is still going strong more than 100 years later. This Upper East Side grocer offers a full menu for Thanksgiving dinner each year that include feasts for six or 12.

You can also typically order Thanksgiving items a la carte, including free-range turkeys, stuffing, vegan gravy, marshmallow sweet potatoes, and different kinds of pies for dessert.  Prices for 2017 range from $215 to $590, depending on which meal you order and how many servings you need.

The Vinegar Factory/Eli Zabar Holiday Catering

Located across Manhattan from Zabar's, Eli Zabar Holiday Catering at the Vinegar Factory was started by Eli Zabar and continues to grow the idea of what a large grocery store can be. Eli Zabar's offers a full Thanksgiving menu each year, including free-range turkeys, corn pudding, corn chowder, glazed butternut squash, pumpkin pie, and just about every side you can think of. Order your own custom menu a la carte, and Eli Zabar's will deliver it right to your door or you can pick it up at the Vinegar Factory.


Citarella has a long history in Manhattan that dates back to 1912. With multiple locations across the island, people looking for a Thanksgiving dinner have plenty of options to consider. Citarella's Thanksgiving menu usually includes a feast for eight ($199), as well as a la carte items that you can add to the feast. Or order the whole meal a la carte from a huge list of options for a customized menu.

Look out for classics such as turkey, ham, and stuffing, as well as risotto, pumpkin bisque, and acorn squash.

Grace's Marketplace

Grace's Marketplace, on the Upper East Side, offers catering menu that has a whole host of Thanksgiving entree options; in 2017 they include turkey, filet mignon, salmon, and ham. Choose from a long list of soups, stuffings, sides, and desserts. Grace's Marketplace will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, so all orders will be delivered on Wednesday, Nov. 22.