Thanksgiving Dinner in Hong Kong

Thanksgiving Dinner in Hong Kong is served up inside most of the major four and five-star hotels, and while you can expect a grand feast you can also expect a grand price. The restaurants below are all offering dedicated Thanksgiving Day meals at a fairer price. At the table, you can expect to meet a mix of American transplants taking a break from the bank and American Born Chinese looking for a taste of Ohio. Booking in advance is a must.

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    Main Street Deli
    Langham Hotel Group

    One of the only places in Hong Kong to satisfy your need for a real Reuben, bagels and Matzoh balls soup, Main Street Deli is also doing Thanksgiving. The deli is inside the Langham Hotel and the atmosphere can be a little clinical. Instead, try their take a turkey home dinner - the pecan pie and New York cheesecake is the best you'll find in Asia. 

    Thanksgiving Meal - They offer a three-course meal that includes roasted turkey, stuffing and a serving of pecan or pumpkin pie. 

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    The American Club
    The American Club has a number of beautifully decorated rooms to dine in. The American Club

    The best place in town for Thanksgiving dinner if you can swing an invite. Private clubs remain popular in Hong Kong and every nationality has their own. Expect the American Club to be a 'stars and stripes' plastered bonanza of Americana, while the Thanksgiving roast is likely to be one of the most authentic in town.

    Thanksgiving Meal: They offer a four-course meal, including turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy and biscuits

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    Arguably Hong Kong’s most authentic American restaurant, Dan Ryan’s serves up uncomplicated US classics amongst an interior that is grill by day and more bar by night. It's kid friendly - with staff who are capable of handling youngsters under their feet and a menu with smaller plates.

    Thanksgiving meal - They have a three course meal, including pumpkin soup, roasted turkey with all the trimmings and apple or pumpkin pie.

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    Perched atop The Peak, The Peak Lookout is a Hong Kong institution that has been serving up fine food for over fifty years. You'll find some of the grander families of Hong Kong with American connections chowing down here during Thanksgiving, Expect first class food and refined service. 

    Thanksgiving Meal – They have a four-course meal, including roast turkey dinner

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    This breezy seafront restaurant in Stanley boasts an unrivaled location but food that can be a little overpriced given its quality. Not the case with their very fairly priced Thanksgiving meal and Bayside is ideal for those looking for somewhere not decorated with wall to wall star spangled banners and US car registration signs.

    Thanksgiving Meal – They have a  three-course meal, including smoked turkey caesar salad, roasted turkey with apple and roasted chestnut stuffing and New York cheesecake.