Danno Wise

A Texas native, Danno Wise has lived his entire life in the Lone Star State. Not only has Danno lived in Texas, he has experienced it. Despite traveling throughout the state for decades, Danno still finds something new and unique about his home state each time he hits the road.


Danno is a freelance writer and photographer who regularly contributes to a number of state, regional and national outdoor, recreation and travel magazines. He is also the former publisher of a newspaper and entertainment magazine in one of Texas' top tourist destinations.


Although his college degree is in government, Danno has primarily worked in the publishing industry. However, he has relied on his educational background more than once when news reporting or feature writing.

Danno Wise

"I have spent my entire life living in and exploring Texas - not because I have to, but because I want to. In fact, I still travel the state extensively and am always amazed by what Texas has to offer. Let me take you along and show you what you can find in the Lone Star State."

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