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The Tennessee State Fair, County Fairs and Other Country Fairs

Calf at the Tennessee State Fair
Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Tennessee State Fair

Tennessee State Fair


Tennessee State Fair Location:
Tennessee State Fairgrounds
Nashville, Tennessee

About the Tennessee State Fair:

The first Tennessee State Fair, which took place in 1869, was held at the Old Fairgrounds, located at the end of the West End Avenue streetcar line. In 1906, the Fair was moved to its current location and has been held annually, except for four years during World War II. Today, the Tennessee State Fair attracts over 230,000 visitors and participants, with recent trends showing a steady growth in popularity.

Featuring a variety of educational and entertaining exhibits, the Tennessee State Fair offers good old-fashioned fun with great midway rides and Kid Zone fun, blue ribbon livestock, agricultural, and creative arts competitions, grilling and cooking competitions, mule pulling, racing pigs (competitors include Tammy Swine-ette and Oprah Hamphrey), cow milking and plenty of tempting fair food.

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More Country Fairs in Tennessee

  • Williamson County Fair
    Franklin, Tennessee (August)
    Following a 55 year hiatus, the new and popular Williamson County Fair has returned with lots of old-fashioned county fair fun.
  • Obion County Fair
    Union City, Tennessee (August)
    Attracting about 130,000 fair-goers, this popular county fair, held in August, offers lots of traditional fair fun in northwestern Tennessee.
  • Wilson County Fair
    Lebanon, Tennessee (August)
    One of Tennessee's most popular and oldest fairs, the history of the Wilson County Fair dates as far back as 1853. Popular attractions include midway rides and games, nightly musical entertainment on six stages, several contests, exhibitions, a petting zoo and lots of great country fun.
  • Appalachian Fair
    Gary, Tennessee (August)
    This popular fair features midway fun, livestock shows, motocross and demolition derby, Tennessee wildlife exhibits, Appalachian craftsmen demonstrations concerts and much more fun for all ages.
  • Warren County Agricultural and Livestock Fair
    McMinnville, Tennessee (September)
    The Warren County A & L Fair attracts around 165,000 visitors to enjoy the many competitions and exhibits, midway excitement, entertainment and more.
  • Tennessee Valley Fair
    Knoxville, Tennessee (September)
    The first Tennessee Valley Fair was held in 1916, although its origins have been traced to the earliest years of the 20th Century. An eagerly awaited annual tradition of the region, the Fair attracts almost 140,000 visitors to enjoy an array of attractions, events and good family fun.
  • West Tennessee State Fair
    Jackson, Tennessee (September)
    Since 1855, the West Tennessee State Fair has provided an entertaining and educational fair with fun for all ages, including like fair rides, fair food, fair entertainment, fair exhibits and more.
  • Mid-South Fair
    Memphis, Tennessee (September - October)
    Attracting over 400,000 visitors, this popular fair first opened in 1856. Offering family oriented fun, the authentic and original Mid-South State Fair features rides, fair food, main stage entertainment, arts, exhibits, youth talent, and more.
  • Middle Tennessee District Fair
    Lawrenceburg, Tennessee (September - October)
    A showcase for area farmers and other organizations, this fair offers attractions, food and entertainment for family friendly fun in an affordable atmosphere. Exhibits include livestock shows, food preservation, creative arts, horticulture and flower shows, plus daily arena fun include demolition derbies, ATV and Bike Motocross, truck and tractor competitions and much more.

In addition to the fairs highlighted above, there are more than 45 other fun county and country fairs held in Tennessee, mostly during August and September although a few fairs take place earlier in the summer.

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