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Question: Tennessee Preparatory School

I am attempting to get directions and an address for TPS from Knoxville, Tenn.

Answer: The Original Address and Location of TPS
Tennessee Preparatory School
1200 Foster Avenue
Nashville, TN 37210
From Murfreesboro - Take I-24 West toward Nashville. Take the Murfreesboro Rd Exit. At the end of the exit ramp turn left at the light onto Murfreesboro Rd. Go approx 1 mile to Foster Avenue and turn left: Go down Foster Avenue. The campus is approx 1/2 mile on the left.
From the North and West - Take I-65 South. Take I-40 East where I-65 and I-40 split. Take Fesslers Lane Exit. Turn right at end of ramp onto Fesslers Lane.

Turn left onto Murfreesboro Rd. Turn right on to Foster Avenue. The campus is located approx 1/2 mile down Foster Avenue on the left.
From the East - Take I-40 West to 440 West. Exit at Nolensville Road. Turn Right onto Nolensville road and go to Glenrose (Traffic Light). Turn Right onto Glenrose. Take Glenrose to Foster Avenue and turn left onto Foster. The campus is approx 1/2 mile on the right.
From the South - Take I-65 North. Exit onto 440 east toward Knoxville to the Nolensville Road exit. Exit at Nolensville Road and turn left.

Take Nolensville Road to Glenrose (traffic light) and turn Right onto Glenrose. Take Glenrose to Foster Avenue and turn left onto Foster. The campus is approx 1/2 mile on the right.
TPS/TIS Notes & Updates
The Tennessee Preparatory School ceased operations in 2002 and while most of the buildings are still standing, most of the contents were sold off years ago. Currently, the property is owned by our local government and is called the TPS Complex, The complex is home to several government agencies and also the temporary home to the Nashville School of the Arts.

If you are wanting historical information about TPS you can contact the TPS Historical Society & Museum at 1104 Menzler Road, Nashville, TN 37210, The Menzler Foundation by phone (last known) at 615-363-3023 or online at www.menzlerfoundation.com.
For transcripts, you would most likely need to contact Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
TPS Historical Society & Museum offers Alumni newsletters, Alumni Association Information, and even currently offers free membership for all Tennessee Preparatory School and Tennessee Industrial School Alumni and their direct descendants too.

You can also find another website set up in memory of the TIS/TPS online called TPS Memories . This group has hosted, over the last several years, annual reunions (usually held in the Nashville area). Membership for this group is under $20 and you can contact them as well for more information on TPS/TIS.
Last I heard, the TPS Historical Society & Menzler Foundation (originally chartered as TIS & TPS Alumni Association) was working on a museum to highlight the importance and significance of TIS/TPS, as well as the protection of it, 's history and heritage.

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Updated: 4/15/2011

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