Tennessee Airports

Commercial Service Airports in Tennessee

Browse this list of Tennessee airports to find the most convenient arrival and departure points for your flights to and from Tennessee destinations.

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    Memphis International Airport - Memphis, Tennessee

    Memphis International Airport Code: MEM
    Memphis International Airport Location: Nine miles from Downtown Memphis in Southeast Memphis
    Memphis International Airport Website
    Memphis International Airport Flights - Compare Flight Fares

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    Nashville International Airport - Nashville, Tennessee

    Nashville International Airport Code: BNA
    Nashville International Airport Location: Approximately nine miles from Downtown Nashville in Southeast Nashville
    Nashville International Airport Website
    Nashville International Airport Flights - Flights - Compare Flight Fares
    (Previously known as Berry Field)

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    McGhee Tyson Airport - Alcoa, Tennessee (Knoxville Metropolitan Area)

    McGhee Tyson Airport Code: TYS
    McGhee Tyson Airport Location: Approximately 12 miles south of Knoxville in Alcoa, Tennessee
    McGhee Tyson Airport Website
    McGhee Tyson Airport - Compare Flight Fares

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    Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport - Chattanooga, Tennessee

    Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Code: CHA
    Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Location: About a ten mile drive west of downtown Chattanooga
    Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Website
    Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Flights - Compare Flight Fares
    (Also known as Lovell Field)

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    Tri-Cities Regional Airport TN/VA - Blountville, Tennessee

    Tri-Cities Regional Airport Code: TRI
    Tri-Cities Regional Airport Location: Three miles off Interstate 81 - Exit 63, serving several counties in northeastern Tennessee, southwestern Virginia, western North Carolina and southeastern Kentucky
    Tri-Cities Regional Airport Website
    Tri-Cities Regional Airport Flights - Compare Flight Fares

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