10 Movies to Inspire Your Wanderlust

Hiking the Himalayas
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There are few things that will allow you to relax and to imagine new places and experiences as well as a good movie, and whether they are about a completely new place or an area that you know well, these movies can really set your travel senses tingling.

In many cases, these movies do not need to have a particular journey to them, or it could be a particular motive for a journey that makes it resonate with you. While not every movie will affect people in the same way, one of these, if not most of them, will set your wanderlust racing as you dream of your next adventure.

10 Movies to Inspire You to Experience New Places and Things

The Bucket List

A movie about two men who meet in the hospital when they are being treated for cancer, and instead of continuing with the chemotherapy, they decide to set off around the world to complete their 'bucket list'. From climbing mountains in the Himalayas to driving sports cars, this is a journey of friendship and one with a message about understanding your motivation for travel too.

A Walk in the Woods

Based on the real-life story of travel writer Bill Bryson deciding to leave a comfortable middle age and going on a hike to try and walk the Appalachian Trail, this movie stars Robert Redford and Nick Nolte. The journey is one that has both joy and pain, and while there are plenty of amusing moments in the movie, there are some genuinely emotional moments too.

One Week

The story of a man who learns that he has a ten percent chance of survival after being diagnosed with cancer, Ben leaves his home and his fiancee in Toronto and travels west to find what the road has to offer. The spectacular scenery of Canada makes this a beautiful journey, and the range of people he meets in this trip change him as a man.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Based on the book of the same name, this movie traces the journey of a San Francisco writer who suffers a bitter divorce after her husband cheated on her, and she takes an impulsive trip to Tuscany. She ends up buying a villa in a small town, and while renovating the house has a romantic affair with one of the locals, before helping a Polish immigrant and a local Italian girl get married despite her family's objections. The portrayal of Tuscany here is very pleasant and may have inspired many more people to explore Italy.

Into the Wild

Telling the story of a man who loses connection with his career ambitions and donates almost all of his savings to Oxfam before heading out to Alaska to live a life off the land, this is a story with soaring highs and a tragic culmination. The scenes are filmed in the Denali National Park in Alaska along with other locations around the country and provide an amazing depiction of the region.

Blues Brothers

The classic story of two brothers culminates with an epic journey with a range of police and militia forces pursuing them, as they try to pay a tax bill to save the orphanage where they grew up. The film is best known for the amazing range of musical talent that play as the movie progresses, while the line 'It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses' almost sums up the premise of the movie.

The Way

A middle-aged optician leaves his home to travel to France after his son dies crossing the Pyrenees while trying to complete the Camino de Santiago. The father (Martin Sheen) cremates his son and then sets out on a journey of nearly 800 kilometers, meeting some great characters and facing some significant challenges as he walks.


Food is one of the great things about travel, but food that is traveling is quite a different prospect, and this movie's premise is that a top chef quits his LA restaurant after a spat with a food critic. The chef (Jon Favreau) then returns to Miami to fix up a food truck, before joining with his ex-wife and son on a cross-country journey to return the truck to LA.

In Bruges

Gangsters do not usually make for the best stars for a travel movie, but along with the two Irish hitmen, the real star of the movie is Bruges itself. The church tower is the scene for much of the action in the movie, and this is a funny but dark movie that is really worth a watch.


The Pacific Crest Trail is one of the longest in the United States, and this movie follows the journey of divorcee Reece Witherspoon as she walks to enjoy the redemptive purposes of the activity. With no experience, there are challenges along the way, but this is a journey that is about more than just walking but about healing too.

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