Ten Little Rock Attractions for the Hot Summer

Arkansas often hits 90-100 degrees in the summer.  Even for Southerners adapted to the heat, that's too got to do many outdoor activities.  It's too hot to leave the kids outside all day.  Little Rock has many options for adults and kids that are great for our hot summers. 

Dave and Busters just opened near the Outlets of Little Rock, that is a great, family friendly option that is new to Little Rock this summer.  Think a mash-up between a Chuck E. Cheese and a Chili's.  You get decent bar and grill food, and all the fun video games (and tickets).  It geared towards adults, but the earlier hours of the day are very family friendly.

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    Museum of Discovery
    Museum of Discovery. Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau

    There are quite a few fun museums in Little Rock.  For kids, try the Museum of Discovery in downtown Little Rock.  This is a fun, hands-on science museum.  Kids will also enjoy Mid-America science museum in Hot Springs if you're up for a drive.

    Adults and kids both would enjoy the Esse Purse Museum, the Clinton Presidential Library, the Old State House or the Arkansas Arts Center.

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    Crystal Falls Photo
    Crystal Falls Photo. Arkansas Visitor's Center and Convention Bureau

    The pool is the traditional summer fun activity.  Central Arkansas has quite a few public pools with reasonable admission and some splash zones that are free.  You can also visit Wild River Country, a water park in North Little Rock.  For the more adventurous, head to Hot Springs for Crystal Falls and Magic Springs. We also have quite a few lakes that allow for public swimming.


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    Indoor Playgrounds (for kid and adults)

    Rock Climbing
    Woman climbing rock wall. Robert Decelis Ltd / Getty Images

    For kids, indoor playgrounds are a great way to work off some energy,  but there are a few fun "playgrounds" for adult too.

    A favorite of kids is JumpZone.  JumpZone has lots of bouncy castles for kids to play in, and it's inside.  Rock Creek Church has an indoor playground the people refer to as the "Tubes at Rock Creek."  This is a great way for younger children to have some air conditioned play.  It's open to the public from Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    Kids and adults alike like Altitude Trampoline Park.  This indoor trampoline park is like an endless trampoline, and they have a ball pit.

    Dave and Busters just opened for adults (and kids, but it's more geared towards adults).  It's a bar and grill combined with video games and skee ball (like Chuck E. Cheese without the pizza). 

    Another indoor playground options for adults is the Little Rock Climbing Center. They have massive rock walls you can climb, and they'll show you how.

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    Pizza Cafe
    Pizza Cafe. Amanda Galiano

    When it's really hot, you probably want to eat inside at a nice local restaurant.  When it's just warm, a nice outdoor patio with a fan is nice.  Here are a few of the nicest in Little Rock.  My personal fave is

    US Pizza.



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    Ice Cream Cones
    Loblolly offers a varying selection of flavors. hdere / Getty Images

    Nothing tastes better on a hot day than something cold. Central Arkansas has some of the bets ice cream in the state with Loblolly Creamery, but we have a lot of dairy bars and other fun places for kids with a less gourmet palette. 

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    Family watching a movie.
    Watch free and reduced price summer movies in central Arkansas. Image Source / Getty Images

    A movie is a great way to spend an afternoon, many are cheap or discounted for the summer, and it's air-conditioned.  If you're unfortunate enough to have ac problems, a movie is a great option.  A real fun option is to visit one of Arkansas three drive-in movie theaters.  The closest is Kenda Drive-In in Marshall.

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    Burns Park Hiking Path
    Burns Park Hiking Path. Amanda Galiano

    Hiking is one of the cooler outdoor activities you can do, because generally the woods are cooler than the pavement. However, in 95 degree weather, it's not going to be cool enough to hike without plenty of water.

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    Blanchard Springs
    Blanchard Springs. Amanda Galiano

    Blanchard Springs is a bit of a drive from Little Rock, but the cool caverns take you underground where it's always cool, no matter the temperature outside.  If you're looking for an adventure, this is a great option no matter what the temperature outside.