Temple Street Is One of Hong Kong’s Biggest Markets

 Nik Pillay / TripSavvy

Temple Street Market, also known as Temple Street Night Market, is one of Hong Kong’s biggest and arguably best markets. If you’re only going to see one market while in Hong Kong, it should probably be Temple Street Market. The market doesn’t get busy until after dark, and even if you aren’t interested in a bargain, it’s worth a visit in the dark to see the crowds and colors and enjoy some food.

There are hundreds of stalls on Temple Street alone, but also on many of the streets that intersect with Temple Street. The emphasis is on fashion, with stalls selling everything from knock-off Gucci handbags, to carefully embroidered Chinese jackets, but you can find stalls selling just about anything. You should be warned that many of the goods on offer are fakes or copies, which is why they’re often priced so cheaply. In addition the market itself, you’ll also find an endless supply of Dai Pai Dongs serving street side snack food on plastic seating as well as clusters of fortune tellers offering palm readings, tarot cards, and more. You should absolutely expect to bargain.

Temple Street is a spectacle as much as it is a shopping experience.

Location and Opening Hours

Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei, from 2 pm – 11 pm.

The best time to go is after working hours, as around 8 pm sees the market at its most packed and atmospheric. If, however, you’re more interested in shopping, try and get there around 3 pm.

What to Buy

  • Silk clothing
  • Fashion clothing (often fake or copy)
  • Chinese embroidered linen and clothing
  • Shoes
  • Socks and underwear
  • CDs (often pirated)
  • Antiques (often fake)
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