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Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius with ease in Greece

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So, say it will be 24° Celsius in Athens Greece "tomorrow" - do you grab your sweater or strip down to your thong? Come to think of it, it's Athens - better not strip that far regardless of how hot it gets.

Since this can be a literally burning question that affects most travelers, here is a quick and easy way to calculate temperatures. You may have already learned this approximation, accurate to a couple of degrees, back in science class, but who thought it could impact your vacation?

How to Convert Degrees Celsius to Degrees Fahrenheit:
Our example is the mythical temperature for Athens "tomorrow", 24° Celsius.
First, subtract two from the number. 24 - 2 = 22
Then, multiply the result by 2: 22 x 2 = 44
Finally, add 30 to the result: 44 + 30 = 74° Fahrenheit.

How to Convert Degrees Fahrenheit to Degrees Celsius:
It's 87° Fahrenheit today in San Diego, California. What does this mean to a visiting Greek yia-yia (grandmother)? Should she take the grandkids to a water park, or bundle them up in a down-filled jacket?

First, subtract 30 from the number. 87 - 30 = 57.
Then, divide the result by 2: 57/2 = 28.5
Finally, add 2: 28.5 + 2 = 30.5° Celsius.

It's hot! Grandma should definitely choose the water park or other cool activities for the Greek grandkids.

Not close enough?

If a yia-yia is mathematically inclinded, a more accurate but less easy method is to multiply the degrees Celsius by 9/5 and then add 32 to the result.

In other words, 9/5C+32=F.

To convert degrees Fahrenheit into Celsius by this method, subtract 32 from the number, and then multiply the result by 5/9. The formula is (F−32) 5/9 = °C.

Find out what average temperatures and weather you can expect year-round in Greece.

Carrying your smart phone with you in Greece?

Check those roaming charges and international data plans, but if you're good to go, you can also just download an app such as Temperature Convert 3.0 on iTunes or other, similar apps. However good and easy an app is, you may need a cell phone charge at the moment you need the conversion. Understanding the low-tech methods above will assure you always know what's going on, with or without your cell phone in hand.

More Travel Math for Greece

Fortunately, not too much of travel in Greece requires such mathematical skills. Still, it can be helpful to be able to figure out a few things on your own. You may want to learn to roughly calculate the current dollar-Euro or other exchange rate in your head as that can be convenient when making purchases, but you can also find apps on line which make doing so a breeze with your cell phone. One I like is the Oanda Currency Converter available as a free download for Android.  It can also be handy to be able to convert miles to kilometers and vice-versa

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