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Switch Between Fahrenheit and Celsius With Ease in Greece

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Since the United States operates on the Fahrenheit scale for temperatures while Greece operates on the Celcius scale for temperatures, you'll need to know how to make simple conversions between these two measurement systems before you travel so you'll know what you should pack for your trip.

Say it will be 24 C in Athens, Greece tomorrow—do you grab a sweater or strip down to your bathing suit? Well, one easy way to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit is to subtract two from the number, then multiply the result by 2 and add 30 to the product.

For the case of 24 C, you would subtract two (22), then multiply by 2 (44), then add 30 to get 74 F.

On the other hand, converting from Fahrenheit to Celsius requires that you first subtract 30 from the number, then divide the result by 2, and finally add 2 to that quotient—basically the opposite of converting from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

However, keep in mind both of these simple conversions only get you within a few degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius of the actual temperature, which should give you a basic idea of what the weather calls for in terms of clothing.

Exact Conversions Between Fahrenheit and Celcius

If you'd rather know exactly what the temperature is in Greece in Fahrenheit (and don't want to use an online converter or app that tells you the temperature in Fahrenheit), you can accurately convert from Celcius by multiplying the degrees by 9/5 and then adding 32 to the result. In other words:

9/5C + 32 = F

To convert degrees Fahrenheit back into degrees Celsius by this method, you would first subtract 32 from the degrees Fahrenheit, then multiply the result by 5/9 instead. In other words:

(F-32)*5/9 = C

Alternatively, if you just want a simple way to know what to pack, you could find out what average temperatures and weather conditions you can expect year-round in Greece.

Also, if you're carrying your smartphone around with you in Greece, check those roaming charges and international data plans and download a simple temperature converter app.

Other Math For Travel to Greece

Temperatures aren't the only unit of measurement that needs converting when traveling from the United States to Greece. You'll also need to know how to convert currency values between U.S. dollars and the Greecian Euro, American miles to European kilometers, and even U.S. ounces, pints, and quarts to Greek liters and milliliters.

Fortunately, not too much of travel in Greece requires such mathematical skills. Still, it can be helpful to be able to figure out a few things on your own. You may want to learn to roughly calculate the current dollar-Euro or other exchange rates in your head as that can be convenient when making purchases, but you can also find apps on line which make doing so a breeze with your cell phone.

When trying to calculate distance, keep in mind that miles are longer than kilometers—one kilometer equals approximately 0.6214 miles. While a day trip around Athens may seem long at 50 kilometers away, for instance, it's actually just over 30 miles from Athens. Whether you're taking a short trip around Greece or planning on flying out of one of its many airports, you'll want to know how far you need to go to get there in a measurement system you can understand.