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If you qualify, this membership offers big savings on Broadway tickets and more

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The Theatre Development Fund (TDF) operates the three TKTS Booths in New York City where you can score same-day tickets for Broadway and Off-Broadway productions at big discounts. But did you know that they also have members-only discounts that provide even greater savings on tickets AND you can get them in advance AND you can buy them easily online?

Who Can Join TDF?

Many people are eligible to join this non-profit organization and then buy deeply discounted tickets to a variety of shows. In order to be eligible to join you have to be:

  • Full-time students (high school or above)
  • Full-time teachers (primary or junior high school faculty, high school faculty, university or college faculty, teachers of drama/dance/music)
  • Recent graduates (26 years of age and under)
  • Full-time union members
  • Retirees (no longer working and at least 62 years of age or older)
  • Full-time civil service employees
  • Full-time staff members of not-for-profit organizations
  • Full-time non-exempt employees (full-time hourly workers - 40 hours a week - who are eligible for overtime pay)
  • Full-time performing arts professionals
  • Members of the armed forces
  • Freelancers
  • Full-time clergy

The online application is easy and then you have to submit proof within 10 days to continue your membership.

How Much Does Membership Cost?

Membership is just $34 for the first year and $30 for subsequent years. They also have a National Membership for people that live more than 100 miles from New York City and that is just $12/year!

How Much Do Tickets Cost?

Tickets are up to 70% off of the regular price and range from $9-47! And you're allowed to purchase up to 9 tickets to any performance, so this is a great membership to have if you have friends and family members that like to go to shows with you.

What Tickets Are Available?

Of course, not every show is going to be offering deeply discounted tickets through TDF membership. You're out of luck if you're looking for the hottest tickets and sold-out shows, naturally. But you can often find newer productions (especially when they are in previews). The inventory varies from day to day and tickets are most often available a few days to a few weeks in advance. Recent availability featured over 250 performances, including 12 different Broadway shows, 13 Off-Broadway productions, and three Off-Off Broadway performances as well as numerous concerts and dance performances at some great NYC venues. There were more than ten different shows that were oriented to a family audience.

How Do You Buy Tickets?

Tickets are all booked online after you log-in to your TDF account. -- most of the tickets need to be picked up at the Will Call window at the theater where you're seeing the production. Tickets can be paid for by credit or debit card and there is a $4 handling charge per order (which is another amazing savings, since Ticketmaster and Telecharge have much higher fees!) Tickets are a benefit of membership and the member is expected to attend the performance and you may be asked for ID.

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