Seattle Taxis - Where and How to Get a Cab in Seattle

How to Find Cab Stands and Other Taxi Tips

Seattle Taxis

Whether you’re visiting Seattle on business or need a ride home after a night out, Seattle’s taxis can be a great way to get around. Taxis are more flexible than a bus and don’t require any sort of account like car sharing companies do.

While Seattle isn’t quite as taxi-centric as larger cities, it has made some major strides. Finding a taxi is less stepping out onto the curb and whistling and more knowing where the taxis congregate. The Seattle Nightlife Initiative especially has made finding a taxi in Seattle a whole lot easier with established taxi stands geared toward those who want a ride in the evening.

How do I get a taxi in Seattle?

You might be able to hail a taxi from just anywhere on the sidewalk, but this isn’t the most common way to get a taxi in Seattle. For the most part, it’s best to call a taxi company directly and either set up an appointment or schedule a pick-up. Alternately, you can ask most major hotels to call a taxi for you, and fortunately there are many hotels in downtown Seattle. Often, hotels will assist you with calling a cab even if you are not staying there. There are also taxi stands located in parts of Seattle where you can find taxis waiting for you.

How do I find a taxi stand in Seattle?

Taxi stands established by the Seattle Nightlife Initiative are located throughout the downtown area, Capitol Hill, Belltown, Pioneer Square and other neighborhoods. The best way to locate these is to check the latest taxi stand map issued by the city. Some of the taxi stands are late-night stands, open until 3 a.m. These include stands in Fremont, Belltown, Downtown, Pioneer Square and Capitol Hill. Still, the map is not always up-to-date and sometimes a simpler way is to get an app from a popular taxi company.

For instance, the Yellow Cab app makes hailing or scheduling a taxi super simple and easy.

How do I schedule a taxi pick-up?

You can call any of the taxi companies listed below. Alternately, you can also book online with most companies. Some companies, like Orange Cab and Yellow Cab, also have apps or text booking available.

How do I get a taxi at Sea-Tac Airport?

Seattle Yellow Cab taxis are located at the taxi stands on the third floor of the parking garage. They are available 24/7, 365 days a year, and there are large 8-10 passengers vans as well as regular taxis. Yellow Taxi has an app you can get from their website, which allows you to book in advance and even watch your taxi on a map, or you can call the company as well.

If you take a trip between the airport and Seattle’s downtown hotel district, there is a flat fee of $40 (this does not count for the reverse trip for the trip from downtown to the airport). While the meter may run, you will pay the flat fee, but it never hurts to confirm this when you get in a cab either.

Taxi and limo companies in Seattle:

How to book: Call, online or app

  • 206-622-6500 in Seattle
  • 425-455-4999 from the Eastside
  • 253-872-5600 in South King County

Orange Cab (also has a $40 flat rate to and from the airport)

How to book: Call, online or app

  • 206-522-8800 or 206-957-0866 in Seattle
  • 425-453-0919 from Eastside
  • 253-852-1607 from South King County

Stita Taxi Services (also has limo service)

  • How to book: Call 206-246-9999, online or app
  • How to book: Call 206-730-7781 or book online
  • How to book: Call 877-340-3434 or book online