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People dancing at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas
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If you are a fan of decor, the moment you walk into TAO Las Vegas, you'll be fascinated by the attempt to turn a nightclub into a temple. Don't worry, there is not much happening here that can be considered holy. The main room will beckon you to dance and the intimate spots on the second floor will seduce you with the call to mingle. If you need a little more intimacy in a club that can double as a lounge head to the small room off the main dance floor and you'll see a lounge with a bar, a DJ and a few spots to sit and chat with that special someone that you just met.

TAO Las Vegas still draws huge crowds after all the years it has been open because it is still relevant in the nightlife scene in Las Vegas. Getting to the club early will help with the lines and making a reservation and, while it costs more, might even get you a place to sit in between dance sessions.

Location, Hours, and Cover

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino
3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Thursday-Saturday 10:30PM-5AM

Thursday: $20 Ladies / $30 Gentlemen
Friday: $20 Ladies & Gentleman
Saturday: $20 Ladies / $30 Gentleman

All prices are subject to change and fluctuate depending on the night and any special arrangements made through the VIP hosts

Need to get on the list or get the VIP treatment? Send them an email or give them a call.

Dress Code

Fashionable attire is required and the usual clothing is prohibited: no baggy jeans, tank tops, or flip-flops. Unless you’re famous, then you can wear whatever you want.

Women wear tiny articles of clothing and very high heels that may not last the night. Groups of women will get in wearing pretty much whatever they want. 

Men must adhere to the dress code at TAO Las Vegas, so be sure that your attire looks as if you were going to apply for a job as an escort for extremely attractive people that know a little about fashion: dark pants, jeans, linen, khaki work along with a fashionable shirt. If you think you need to wear a t-shirt, couple it with a coat and you'll look good. There is no need to overdo it at TAO but you can go wrong thinking that you want to dress like somebody who just left the local basketball court. You will not get in.

TAO Atmosphere

Tao is huge and it has the ability to be too large. However, a split level club affords you the ability to lose yourself. Check out the VIP areas and you can almost always see some famous or infamous person mingling with a bunch of pretty people. Imagine a very large lounge that feels comfortable while holding a lot of sexual energy. The dancers around the club are very alluring and the atmosphere is every bit as sexy.

If you are going in with a date and she is not a huge fan of feeling crushed or you yourself do not enjoy that claustrophobic feeling you get when everyone else is colliding with you, you might want to consider a table and stay away from anywhere people are trying to walk; it can get incredibly crowded.

If a group of a few guys want to get into TAO, or any nightclub in Las Vegas, it can be beneficial to do some research as to how to best navigate the Vegas club scene.


First, bring enough money. This has become a popular after-hours spot, although, in Las Vegas, it always seems like after hours. If you’re single, the chances of meeting that special someone for the night are good here as people are out to have a good time. The crowds are huge and the atmosphere is pure Vegas, however, be prepared for a lot of people in what seems like every spot of the club.

If you have dinner in the restaurant, you'll find the secret door that not only helps you get in but also helps you get out much faster.

If you decide to eat elsewhere before you hit the club try Yardbird Southern Table and Bar where the cocktails and fried chicken actually work well as a precursor to your evening. If you want to go a more elegant route, you could hit Bouchon for extra fancy. Grab drinks at the Dorsey to help you get the night going quickly.

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