Tango Clothing and Shoe Shopping in Buenos Aires

Look Like A Local While You Dance Like One

Tango is the soul of Buenos Aires, and why not look like a local while you dance.  Whether you head to milongas, or dance halls to tango the night away, or simply go to tango show palaces like Esquina Carlos Gardel or others, why not wear the clothes associated with tango.  The shoes for tango are sensual, and specially constructed, of light, flexible material.  Dresses are sparkly and slinky.  There’s even special clothing for men, the legs made a little differently, to allow movement.

  Here we highlight a few places to consider for your trip.

Abasto Plaza Hotel Tango Shop

You don’t need to stay in the Abasto Plaza Hotel to shop in it.  Take a look in this lobby clothing store for its selection, especially the dresses. You’ll also find other tango related things to purchase, like music CDs.  The hotel is located at Corrientes 3190 at Anchorena, near the Abasto Shopping Center.


Located in the Microcentro, downtown Buenos Aires very close to the famous Ideal tango milonga and cafe, you’ll find this is a very busy store, catering to many locals. The selection of women’s shoes here simply can’t be beat, and there are plenty of choices for men too. Come find what you want right awa, or consider having shoes custom made, though be aware that can take up to a week.  This store is in a part of the city with several competitors, so you can check out others on the block to see what might be comparable price and style-wise.

 by several similar ones, so check out this block for a wider selection. Store hours are Monday through Friday from 10am to 10pm and Saturday 10am to 6pm. Suipacha 263 at Diagonal Norte.

La Vikinga Tango Fashions

La Vikinga is the nickname for Helen Halldórsdóttir, a Scandinavian who moved to Buenos Aires for her love of tango.

  She also once ran her own milonga and offers lessons and events in Buenos Aires and throughout the world on an intense travel schedule.  Helen is also one of the friends I love to see and hang out with whenever I am in Argentina.  I can’t dance the tango, but I love to be around people who can.  La Vikinga has her own private tango clothing and shoe boutique.  Her website has many of the designs, from slinky tango dresses and other clothing to tango shoes and even super neat tango sneakers. Entre Rios 469.

Tango Moda

Tango Moda is run by tango dancer and enthusiast Jorge Arias. He was well known for years for throwing the most beautifully situated tango event in all of Buenos Aires, on the rooftop of the Palacio Barolo at sunset, a breathtaking way to enjoy the dance.  His old store was located in that building, but now he’s in San Telmo, in the heart of it all.  I am friends with Jorge, and would go to his tango events as often as I can.  He’s also the father of America TV news anchor Luciana Arias, also a friend of mine, whose early modeling pictures can be seen around the store. The store is open Monday to Friday from 2 to 9pm. The store might move to a new location in later 2011.

Balcarce 961, Floor 1, Space 4.

Each of these locations will also have the latest in tango publications and more information on how to enjoy tango throughout Buenos Aires.  Of course, you’ll also get to talk with locals, including the sales people, about where they go to enjoy the dance.

For even more shopping, make sure to also check out our stories on men’s stores.