Tailgating at NRG Stadium

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Tailgating at NRG Stadium

So you're planning on tailgating at a Houston Texans game? There are a few things you'll need to know.

While the Texans do not allow for outside food to be brought into the stadium, the team does allow for tailgating in the parking lot. Parking lots are open four hours before game time to allow for the tailgaters.

But before you tailgate, be sure to be aware not only of all of the regulations, but be sure to follow them. (The Houston Texans do reserve the right to void your parking passes should you begin breaking rules.) So, courtesy of the Texans website, here are a few of the rules for tailgating at NRG Stadium:


Rules for Tailgating at NRG Stadium

1. All Parking lots (except for platinum) will open four hours prior to kickoff.

2. All parking at NRG Stadium will require a pre-purchased parking hangtag; you will not be able to buy any additional parking at the gate.

3. Parking is first-come, first-served for the first hour; saving spots will not be allowed. If you would like to tailgate near friends, please arrive together.

4. NRG Stadium entrance gates will open 90 minutes prior to kickoff.

5. Tailgating will be limited to one 8'x 16' space for each valid parking hangtag, and must not cross over into the drive lane designated by the blue lines down each aisle.

6. RV's, buses, and oversized vehicles will need to pre-purchase a minimum of two parking spots and need to park in the designated RV areas in each lot.

7. If you plan to extend sides or set chairs outside of your RV or Bus you will need parking hangtags in addition to the ones for the space that will be used by you vehicle.

8. Barbecues in tow will also be required to have an additional pre-purchased hangtag. You will not be allowed to buy one at the gate.

9. No Music system speakers may exceed 18" tall and 12" wide

10. Music speakers my not produce sound greater than 68 decibels in accordance to the City of Houston sound ordinance Sections 30.1-30.9

Update: Can I Tailgate Without A Gameday Ticket?

The 2010 policy does not allow persons to tailgate at NRG stadium if they do not (a) have a gameday ticket, or (b) have not purchased a $10 tailgate guest ticket.

All tailgate guest tickets must be purchased in advance and are only valid for the date printed on the ticket.

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