How to Renew Your Vehicle Tag in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma License Plate Renewal
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In the state of Oklahoma, you're required to renew your vehicle tag each year. This can be done at your local tag agency, or now, it can even be done online. Here's a step by step of how to renew your car tag in Oklahoma City.

  1. Take Note of Your Registration Date

    Vehicle registrations are good for one year in the state of Oklahoma. Generally, a registration renewal reminder will be sent to you by mail several weeks prior to the expiration. You can also ask your tag agent to instead receive an email reminder.  However, note that these are sent as a courtesy only. If you don't receive a notice, it doesn't change the registration renewal date, and there are penalties if you don't renew within 30 days of the expiration date, generally $1.00 per day up to $100.
  1. Be Aware of Your Renewal Options

    You can renew your vehicle registration at any Oklahoma tag agency, by mail or online. See below for more details on each renewal option.
  2. Renewing by Mail

    If renewing your tag by mail, you need your vehicle information. If you don't have the renewal postcard mentioned above, get your car's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and state of Oklahoma title or plate number. In addition, you will need to provide proof of liability insurance and pay the registration fee plus $1.50 insurance processing fee and another $1.00 (registration decal only) or $2.00 (decal & license plate).

    Mail materials and payment to:
    Oklahoma Tax Commission
    P.O. Box 26940
    OKC, OK 73126-0940
  3. Renewing Online

    The Oklahoma Tax Commission has a website called "CARS" (Convenient Auto Renewal System) where you can renew your tag online. Simply enter the last four digits of the car's VIN and the tag number. You'll have to provide owner information, tag number, vehicle identification number, title number and liability insurance policy information. Payment is available through Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

    Note: There is a $1.50 transaction fee.
  1. Affix the New Decal on Your Plate

    That's it. You now have your new plate sticker if you renewed in person. If you mailed your application or renewed online, it will come shortly or you'll be contacted if there's a problem with your application.


  1. If renewing by mail, make sure you keep in mind the processing times.
  1. Buying a new tag still requires a trip to an Oklahoma tag agency.
  2. Don't simply wait for your renewal postcard. Renewal is required regardless.
  3. Current tag rates are as follows (Check tag agent for exact amount on your registration): Years 1-4 = $96, Years 2-8 = $86, Years 9-12 = $66, Years 13-16 = $46, Years 17 and beyond = $26

What You Need:

  • Renewal postcard or Vehicle Identification Number, title number and tag number
  • Liability insurance policy information
  • Copy of liability insurance verification
  • Registration renewal fees