Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

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The Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk is an experience that should be on every tourist’s Sydney itinerary!

Not to be confused with the BridgeClimb, the Bridge Walk is one that offers a very different experience for everyone. Although it tends to get overshadowed by the iconic BridgeClimb, the Harbour Bridge Walk is one that has many great things to offer in its own right.

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BridgeClimb vs Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

To clarify, BridgeClimb is a commercial endeavor and involves climbing the top arch of Sydney Harbour Bridge. Paying for the experience allows customers to climb 134m above sea level, thus giving climbers an unforgettable view of Sydney’s city. However, due to safety regulations, you are unable to capture the moment as you are not able to bring a camera with you. Never fear, though: You are able to buy keepsakes and memorabilia at the gift shop and the experience comes with a professional photo of you at the summit.

The more affordable and accessible option is the Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk.

If the BridgeClimb isn’t quite your thing you can always walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a fraction of the cost. With the starting point at Milsons Point, you are able to walk all the way to the opposing side at The Rocks. By doing the free Bridge Walk, you are free to make your own schedule and you are able to take your time.

Want to know the best part about the Bridge Walk? You are completely free to take as many photos as you choose. By walking witnessing the Sydney Opera House and other points of interest from the Sydney Harbour Bridge walkway, this is definitely the right mode of travel for any photography enthusiast. If you are interested in getting some information, you are also able to get a self-guided walking tour for a ​minimal price.

One way to get onto the actual Harbour Bridge is by taking the pedestrian walkway on the eastern side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge roadway from The Rocks at the southern end of the bridge to Milsons Point at the northern end. Alternatively, you can start at Milsons Point and cross over the bridge to The Rocks.

How to Get There

To find the starting point with ease, it's best to get a map from the Sydney Visitor Centre at The Rocks to find your access points to the Sydney Harbour Bridge walkway. Alternatively, you can always ask at the center for detailed instructions so they can send you in the right direction.

When you're in the Rocks area, you will find a sign along George St just south of Argyle St that will point you towards the long and sheltered flight of stairs leading to the bridge's southern end. These stairs are located near Gloucester St and Cumberland St.

The bridge can also be accessed from the south by getting on Cahill Walk, which runs along the Cahill Expressway above the Circular Quay train terminal. Pedestrians can access this walkway from Circular Quay by a flight of stairs, or a lift, or from the​ Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens.

Take Your Time to Soak in the Sights

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk takes approximately half an hour to complete in total, but you’re free to take as long as you need to. The Sydney Harbour Bridge Rocks-Milsons Point walk is a picturesque experience complete with plenty of gorgeous viewing points so don’t forget to pack a camera. If starting at Circular Quay or the botanic gardens, the walk could take an extra 15 minutes to half an hour.

Be sure to take along a hat when the sun is out and wear appropriate clothes for the weather. ​Comfortable walking shoes are always a good idea. If, on the other hand, you want to reach the topmost point of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, there always the BridgeClimb.

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