A Closer Look at the Midwest's Sybaris Couples-Only Suites



Sybaris couples-only hotel suites are a five-location chain in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana that claim they are "devoted to luxury and sensuous pleasure." Some Sybaris suites feature a private heated pool, and others contain a Jacuzzi tub big enough for two.

In operation for more than four decades, Sybaris pool suites are a popular anniversary and birthday getaway destination for couples.

The chain was named after an ancient Greek city in Southern Italy that dates back to 500 B.C. Ancient Sybaris was noted for its wealth and luxury. Inhabitants of Sybaris were known to be devoted to luxury and sensuous pleasure. The phrase "a bed of roses" derives from the Sybaritic custom of filling the bed and pillows with rose petals before couples shared moments of intimacy.

Guest Rooms

The suites at Sybaris are designed to encourage intimacy. All have king-size beds, large mirrors, a water component (like a pool, hot tub, or waterfall), and most have a fireplace. Pools are meticulously cared for by trained technicians who pay close attention to pH balance and sanitation levels. Each suite is thoroughly inspected prior to a new guest's arrival.

Other standard amenities are what you would expect, premium TV, microwave, coffeemaker with coffee and tea supplied, and a refrigerator. 


There is neither an in-house restaurant nor room service at Sybaris, so couples may want to bring along food to keep their energy up. Sybaris hotels are located near major thoroughfares, so food can be delivered in. You can use the in-room microwave to heat up leftovers and the fridge to stash cold drinks.

Romance Packages

Two- and three-night packages are available from Sybaris. Amenities may include a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider with signature glasses. Other plush accessories include Sybaris bath wraps, robes, candles, and a rose-petal turndown. Also, rooms can be rented for a partial day.


The activities are the ones that you and your partner dream up in the privacy of your suite.

According to the late Ken Knudson, co-founder of Sybaris with his wife:

When you visit the Sybaris, there is no sense of responsibility. You don’t have to worry about anything. There are no phones or other connections to the outside world. It’s just you and your significant other it’s about understanding how important that other person is to you and a chance to say, ‘I love you.'"

What Are Sybaris Memberships

Sybaris operates as a private club, but you can join for an annual fee. The membership can be purchased with your first reservation. 

Who Is Sybaris For?

If you are one of those couples that never seem to find time to be together, lives in the Midwest, wants to basically spend a night or a couple of days of intimacy with no disturbances, then Sybaris suites are likely to suit you just fine. 


Spanning three states in the Midwest, each of the locations are within reach of the metro areas of Milwaukee, Chicago, and Indianapolis.