Swimming Pools in Las Vegas

Where Will You Be Swimming in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas, Swimming Pool at The Cosmopolitan Hotel
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Las Vegas swimming pools range from small, quiet, secluded places to relax to the acres of landscaped water havens that are found on the strip. Vegas offers many choices when it comes to pools, swim up blackjack, lazy rivers and even topless locations. These swimming pools are some of the best on the Vegas Strip. One tip, DO NOT bring a mask and snorkel to the pool. Yes, I did see that recently. You really do not need that view.

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What you will need is plenty of sunscreen, a good book (you'll ignore it) and a need to have a daytime party in the sun.

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Would you rather go topless? The Best Topless Pools in Vegas

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    Pictures of The Pool at Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

    Cosmopolitan of Las vegas Pool
    Zeke Quezada

    You've never seen a pool like this, The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas has taken the next step in pool fun with foosball tables, pool tables, ping pong tables and plenty of places to relax in the Las Vegas sun. The hotel is amazing and you'll be even more impressed with the pool area. you are looking for the adult pool experience Marquee Day Club is also open and that is another level of pool party fun. This is one of those swimming pools where not much swimming will take place. Among the endless pools in Las Vegas, this is one of the standouts.

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    Mandalay Bay Hotel pool
    MGM Resorts International

    Sand, surf, and all the sun you can handle at the pool at Mandalay Bay. The beach at Mandalay Bay offers a lazy river, lounging areas and plenty of opportunities to get your fill of the Las Vegas pool experience. They offer a topless pool area and the largest wave pool on the strip. Not incredibly kid-friendly on crowded days, but not completely off limits. The swimming pool at the Mandalay Bay is really the complete Las Vegas experience. If you need a pool, they have one of the nicest pools on the Las Vegas strip.

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    Bellagio Pool
    Courtesy of the Bellagio

    It's opulent, it's comfortable it's a dose of relation. Bellagio Las Vegas pool is your chance to sit and enjoy the Las Vegas sunshine any time of the year. Have a drink, rent a cabana or order lunch at the Pool Cafe. If there is one thing that is different about Bellagio pool it's the notion of relaxation and elegant comfort.

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    Palms Las Vegas
    Courtesy of the Palms

    Ditch Fridays are a huge draw and the cabana scene is perfect for a party with a few hundred of your closest friends. This is a hot spot and you can forget about doing laps. That is unless your idea of laps is walking around the pool mingling.

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    Swimming Pool,Caesar's Palace Hotel & Casino,Las Vegas,Nevada,USA
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    The Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis is so nice you almost feel like you should dress up just to show up. Everything has been redone and I guarantee you'll spend far more time at the pool than you originally intended to. You might want to score a plush daybed or really splurge and get a cabana.  It's a very nice place where you can meet a lot of very good looking people. I met my wife here. Well, I really didn't, I actually met her at the rooftop pool at Binion's. Now that was a swimming pool!

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    The Pool at Aria Las Vegas

    Pool at Aria
    Courtesy of Aria
    Relax in luxury and comfort at the pool at Aria. Late in the evening the sun shines off the buildings and you can really work your tan. Until then, grab a few drinks and do your best to get golden brown.
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    Flamingo Hilton
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    The pool area at the Flamingo transports you to a tropical landscape that makes you forget that you dropped your college tuition at the tables the night before. 15 acres, four pools, a few cabanas and a restaurant and you realize why some consider this to be the best pool on the Las Vegas strip. They have a nice cave that offers shade when the sun is baking everyone around the pool and the waterfalls pound you with chlorinated pool water. The swimming pool experience really gets going when the music is on and the drinks are being served. The Flamingo Beach Club is really the kiddie pool so you'll stay clear of the slides and the small swimming pools near them. If you are looking for adult fun you'll be in the GO pool.

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    MGM Grand Pool

    It's huge, it's big. 35 pools, 4000 lounge chairs and a gazillion gallons of water. I'm making some of that up but it is big. It has a river, five pools, 3 whirlpools and an incredible amount of trees and shrubs. The kids will love it and you will find yourself wanting to hang around all day long. If you like the idea of a swimming pool vacation you might be able to convince your family that they will see nothing other than these swimming pools.

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    Venetian Pool Deck
    Courtesy of the Venetian

    Sure, it's a bit boxy but drinks get delivered fast and all the good-looking people seem to populate this Las Vegas swimming pool. The atmosphere at this swimming pool can get to be a bit like an upscale club. If you're a single female you might get a few free drinks. If you have kids you might be explaining a few things to the little ones.

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    Tropicana Hotel
    Courtesy of Tropicana

    Some people remember the “Island of Las Vegas” theme at the Tropicana but all you need to do is walk down to the pool area and you can still feel like you have landed in the pool area of Bali Hai. This is one of the original pool complexes that took sunning in the Southern Nevada desert to a higher level. Great landscaping and adequate space make this the perfect swimming pool to work on your tan. Swim-up blackjack and a swim-up bar make this the type of place to consider for your big party weekends. The hotel costs less than most others so this swimming pool ranks way up there for the younger crowd.