Swimming Pools in Brooklyn

A Guide to Pools Brooklyn

Want to swim in Brooklyn? Although Brooklyn is home to world famous beaches like Coney Island and Brighton Beach, if you're in search of a pool, you will find one in Brooklyn. From public pools to luxurious rooftop pools, there are many places to swim in Brooklyn, here's your guide to swimming in Brooklyn. 

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List of Olympic-Size Pools in Brooklyn: Huge, Good for Laps (Public, Outdoors)

McCarren Park Pool Re-Opening
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In search of a free pool? There are numerous public pools throughout Brooklyn. Some are indoors and open year round and others are outdoor seasonal pools. If you visit any of the pools, you should check out this list of rules that you must follow while visiting these public spaces. For example, most pools require that you wear a white shirt over your bathing suit to enter the facility. Most pools open for the summer and close Labor Day weekend. 

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Indoor Pools with Wheelchair Access (Public)

St. John's Recreation Center pool

St. John's Recreation Center

The following three pools all have wheelchair access. All are public indoor pools. All are intermediate size, about 75'long, 35 or 40' wide and 8 or 9 feet deep.

Brownsville Playground Linden and Mother Gaston Blvds. and Christopher Avenue
(718) 485-4633
Metropolitan Recreation Center
Bedford and Metropolitan Avenues
(718) 599-5707
St. John's Recreation Center
Prospect Place, between Troy and Schenectady Avenues (718) 771-2787

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Private pools open to the public

McCarren Hotel Pool

McCarren Hotel

If you're willing to pay a fee, you can spend your time at a posh pool sipping a cocktail on a lounge chair. In trendy Williamsburg, you can purchase a $45-$60 day pass at the pool at the McCarren Park Hotel and Pool. If you spend the night, you get free access to the hotel's pool. In either case, if you pay for a day pass or spend the night, you can still cool off in the pool. Another popular Williamsburg pool is The Vale Pool at The William Vale Hotel. It's the largest outdoor hotel pool in Brooklyn. If you want to take a dip in the pool, you must book a room at the hotel. Head to DUMBO and enjoy swimming at a rooftop pool with stunning views of Lower Manhattan at 1 Brooklyn Bridge Hotel's rooftop pool

Other hotels in Brooklyn have indoor pools include the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott,  Holiday Inn Downtown Brooklyn, and The Sheraton.

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