Put Swimming with Pigs on Your Bahamas Bucket List

Swimming Pigs of the Bahamas
Grand Isle Resort

Move over Johnny Depp, Tyler Perry, and Eddie Murphy. The most popular celebrities with their own Caribbean island are a small colony of adorable swimming pigs.

No one seems to know for certain how the cute oinkers first arrived in the Bahamas more than a decade ago, but they’ve since become celebrities. Pull up in a boat and you'll see them lazing around in the sun, frolicking on the sand, and then paddling out into the waves to meet you.

Where to Find Swimming Pigs

You'll find the friendly swine on Pig Beach, the southernmost beach on Big Major Cay in the Exuma Cays, a 120-mile archipelago located southeast of Nassau in the Bahamas. With 365 islets, there is indeed a cay for every day of the year. The Exuma Cays are among the most pristine Bahamian islands and it’s easy to see why movie stars like to retreat here. You can also swim with wild pigs from Grand Bahama, which lies within day-trip distance from Miami.

How to Swim with Pigs

You can take a boat excursion to Big Major Cay from resorts and island outfitters. When the pigs hear the motors they come running out of the forest, across the beach, and into the turquoise waters. They piggy-paddle out, snouts upturned, to the boats to get their scraps. The pigs will hang around the boats as long as there is food to be had.

You can get into the shallow water to swim with the pigs. You can pet them and hand-feed them scraps, but be careful to keep your fingers out of their mouths.

Excursions and Packages

On Great Exuma, the Grand Isle Resort's three-day True Exuma Experience package includes villa accommodations, daily breakfast, and a half-day excursion to swim with pigs.

On Staniel Cay, the Staniel Cay Yacht Club can arrange excursions to swim with pigs.

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