Sweat 60 at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Are You Ready To Sweat In Las Vegas?

Sweat 60 at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Most of us are not the type to seek out a workout while we are on vacation, we don’t actively want to sweat, work or burn off any of the calories we are taking in while leading a hedonistic life for a few days on the Las Vegas strip. However, we eventually realize that we must. While we might not crave long sessions of pain and sweat, we eventually look for a workout that will make us feel good about ourselves and keep us interested.

Along comes Sweat 60 at The Fitness Center at Sahra Spa & Hammam at Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Imagine for a moment a workout that keeps you moving, keeps you engaged, helps you set the tone for your exercise regimen while still pushing you to push your body to the next level. Sweat 60 is an hour long workout class that is an ever-changing circuit of activities designed to engage your entire body while burning some serious calories. One minute intervals that include squats, jump ropes, punching bags, lunges, burpees, balance exercises, resistance training, agility drills and flat-out hard work are just part of the program.

The major component is a trainer that guides you through the class and helps you find your pace, your comfort zone, and your very own exercise sweet spot.

Palani Mak is an experienced personal trainer and he brings his philosophy on training to a class that works to keep your whole body involved in the workout. However, he does this in an inviting atmosphere that feels nothing like the gym back home. “No matter the size of the class I want to personalize the experience for each client. Be it a professional athlete, a group of friends or a 60 year old looking to stay healthy” Palani said, “My goal is simple, I want people to think fitness when it comes to Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.”

The Class at Sweat 60

When you realize that you have signed up for a Sweat 60 class at the Spa at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas you don’t really think that you’ll be working all that hard. I mean, you’re in Vegas, right?


If there was ever a way to kick-start your workout regimen or a place to help you pop some spark into your daily routine this would be it.  

I walked into the 7am class about 5 minutes late. Depending on whom you ask, I either stayed out way too late the night before, it is Las Vegas after all, or I could not find the spa in the West Tower. (FYI, I had already visited the Spa the day before for a Gentleman’s Soak Spa treatment. You decide.)  The instructor wasted no time warming me up for my eventual dive deep into the waters that are Sweat 60. A quick warm-up and I was on a punching bag, then I was jumping rope with as much furor as a schoolyard kid on an old Sesame Street episode.

I took a deep breath and I went to the mat with a medicine ball that worked my core.  Next, I had a kettlebell in my hand and I was squatting and lifting. Each of these activities lasted only a minute and aside from my attempt to jump rope faster than I had ever attempted I was feeling good. Winded, but good.

10 minutes into the class I attempted some push-ups on the mat followed by some resistance bands. I took a look at myself in the mirror and I was drenched just a quarter of the way in. Sweat 60 is the real deal. The other people in my class were working just as hard although each of us was working independently and within our own range of comfort and exertion levels.

The intervals continued through a few breaks, plenty of water and some real positive help from the trainer. The hour felt like it moved past in 15 minutes and frankly, even though I was exhausted I felt great.

The Sweat 60 Class is definitely a must do for anyone who likes the idea of incorporating a little bit of wellness into their vacation.

Sweat 60

Tuesday – Friday 7 am – 11 pm
Saturday 8 am – 12 pm
Shara Spa & Hammam
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
West End Tower, Floor 14

After your workout at Sweat 60 you'll need to treat yourself, so make sure to hit D.O.C.G. for lunch and then have a Verbena at Chandelier Bar.