12 Surf Camps in Central America

The Central American region is famous around the world for all of its natural beauties and almost endless possibilities for nature lovers and adventurers. In it you will find rivers to do some rafting, lakes to swim in, mountains, active volcanoes, rain forests, cloud forests to explore and even deserted regions, islands, coral reefs and gorgeous beaches where you can relax.

There are also beaches where you can find strong tides and great waves for surfing. There are even some international events that happen in some of them.

You will find some of the best waves all over the pacific coast but there are a few spots on the Caribbean side where you can have a great time. Below is a list of some of the best places that you can visit to find other fellow surfers or learn how to ride the waves with one of the local teachers. 

Surf Camps in Central America by Country

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Surf Camps in Nicaragua

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1. Two Brothers Surf Resort, Las Salinas, Rivas District - These guys offer private villa on one of the most famous surf break of Nicaragua, this makes it perfect for families or people looking for privacy. The hotel is located on a hill top. This provides amazing views of the beach. There is also a swimming pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Even if you don’t stay with them and aren’t traveling with your board and still want to experience what the waves of the area has to offer you can rent one from them.

If on the other hand you prefer to do something a bit different they can also take you sailing and fishing. 

2. Chicabrava, El Timon, San Juan del Sur - This one opened in 2003 as a surf retreat for women with the mission of teaching them all they could how to enjoy the waves. They have a great program for anyone who wants to learn or improve their technique. The program was developed by the founder and 6 time Nicaragua surf Champ, Ashley Blaylock.  Plus the location is perfect, you will find it in one of the best surf destinations in the country.

If you like you can also combine your surf retreat with yoga sessions.

They have all the boards, boats and vehicles that you might need to be able to enjoy your surfing vacations.

3. Giant’s Foot Surf, Correos de Rivas - The surf Camp is located in Playa Gigante. This beach offers great waves but it is also near other beaches with amazing places to surf. You will be only a boat ride away from some of the best spots for surfing in Nicaragua.

If you are interested you are also welcome to do some fishing after your surfing adventure, on your way back to the camp.

You also get a couple of fun and unique amenities, first you meals are served outdoors, under shade. The second one is that you get the all you can drink service included in the price and the third one is that you get unlimited boat rides. 

4. La Barra Surf Camp, Redondo Beach - This one is located in a small fishing village right on Playa Miramar that opened in 2009 only a few steps away from the sand.  It is a tiny and private surf camp with only five rooms, making it perfect for a private surf getaway. It will never be crowded.

They also have two boats of different sizes that allow them to handle groups of all sizes, among their services they also offer surf lessons and equipment rental for those who want to get started in this exciting sport, fishing trips (along with the equipment) and volcano sand surfing in an area only a few hours away from the camp.

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Surf Camps in Costa Rica

1. Vista Guapa Surf Camp, Jaco - Vista Guapa is a bed and breakfast specialized in Surfing and Stand Up Paddling lessons for all skill levels. It was founded by an 8 time Costa Rica Surf Champion.  He has put together a great program for anyone looking to learn how to surf or improve their skills.

Because the camp is spread over 5 acres of land visitors are able to do some yoga at their two decks, relax in hammocks or swim at their pool.

When you visit the camp you will stay at a two bedroom bungalow with a porch and hammocks. Then there is a main house where breakfast is served every morning. 

2. Del Mar Surf Camp, Nosara - Del Mar is a surf camp that has been empowering women to dive and surf for years. It is located in a beautiful beach town which has a strong surf culture and eco-minded community. Aside from surf lessons and tours for all levels they offer yoga classes, pilates classes, Spanish lessons and combos with any combination of them that you like  

You will be staying at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort. Their rooms are only five and gorgeous, all of them with A/C. They are all in the middle of the jungle and only a few meters away from the gorgeous white sanded beach. 

3. Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, Tamarindo - Tamarindo, Costa Rica is one of the world’s best and most diverse surf spots. Due to the wind and tides the place gets different wave breaks on one single stretch of shoreline. Witch’s Rock Surf Camp is located right on the beach and only a short boat ride away from great waves.  

It is a boutique surf resort in Tamarindo. By staying with them you can learn how to surf, gain new surfing skills, and explore all of the best waves of the country.

At the camp you will have lifelong surfers at your disposal. They are there to teach you all they know about this sport. 

4. Una Ola Surf Camp, Pavones - The surf camp is located down the road from the world famous Pavones surf break of Costa Rica. Among their services they have surf lessons for beginners, lessons for those ho have surfed before but want to improve and surf tours for those who feel like they have enough practice to do it on their own. 

You even get to choose between two different lodging options. There is a luxurious ocean view condo perfect for families or those looking for a more private experience. You also get to stay at one of their ocean view rooms with two queen size beds. 

Finally, they can arrange all sorts of adventure and relaxing tours in the surrounding area.

5. Safari Surf School, Nosara Beach - What makes Safari Surf School so special is their packages. They have something for everyone, from a luxurious, all inclusive package to a budget friendly one. Then there is the surfer girl package. If none of these adjust to what you want you can always ask for them to put something together that fits your needs.

When putting your package together you get a few lodging options and tons of options for secondary activities that you can experience whenever you are not on your surf lessons or sessions in some of the best waves of the region.

These guys have been around since 1998 so they know what they are doing. 

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Surf Camps in Guatemala

1. El Paredon Surf Camp, El Paredon Beach - At El Paredon Surfcamp you will find rusting and relaxing accommodations where some of the most experienced surfers and beginners will be able to have a great time. It is located in Guatemala’s Pacific coast, on a black sanded beach only 2 hours away from Antigua. The beauty of this place is that it still isn’t a crowded place. It offers great waves and not a lot of people know of it.

You will find the camp within Naranjo National Park. It offers hostel kind of rooms, cabins and a camping area.

They also have equipment rental and surf classes for all of those who want to learn how to do this. 

2. Marbella Eco Lodge, Monterrico, Guatemala - This one is located in the more popular Monterrico Beach, also on the pacific coast. It is a bit more visited by locals than El Paredon beach but still isn’t crowed. The waves also have the reputation of being among the best of the region.

Aside from surf classes, a pool, a restaurant, standard rooms and private villas they can hook you up with nearby reserves (depending on the season) that offer turtle release tours. In them they give you baby turtles that don’t have more than a couple of days out of the egg and you can help them get safely to the water. 

3. Surf in Guatemala, Playa de Champerico - This camp is located in one of the most distant surf towns in Guatemala. It allows you to ride amazing waves that can go up to 12ft. in unspoiled beaches.

They offer something for all budgets, you get to choose from four different categories and prices of accommodations. If you prefer to surf in another of the beaches along the Pacific coast of Guatemala they can arrange accommodations and classes for you in five other destinations. 

Another of their services is a surf shop, that offers all of the equipment that you might need. However it isn't located by the sea. You will find it in Guatemala City. 

This list includes only a few of the best surf camps that I know of in Central America. Feel free to leave the name of your favorite surf camp from the region.