How to Plan Your Super Bowl Weekend in Las Vegas

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Unless you are at the game the best place to watch the Super Bowl is in Las Vegas. The party gets going early and it goes very late. You place a few bets at the Sports Book and you have a party that leaves lasting memories. If you have never been in Las Vegas for Super Bowl Sunday you should be ashamed of yourself and feel embarrassed that you have deprived yourself. Fix the deficiency in your life and get to Las Vegas! Really, what are you waiting for, Detroit to win a game?

What You Should Do Las Vegas?

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Find the Right Hotel for the Super Bowl in Las Vegas

Don't spend a lot of money on a hotel for the Super Bowl unless you are unlucky enough to have been forced to bring your significant other. If you and a bunch of friends are together get cozy and pull up some rug. You'll need money to gamble, to drink and possibly to eat. Well, if you drink enough, those calories might keep you going all weekend. On second thought, have at least a hot dog and pick a Super Bowl party that offers free food with your free drinks. Quick, find a cheap hotel.

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The Super Bowl Party You Need in Las Vegas

Don't be fooled by the promises of scantily clad waitresses and party favors. What you need is food, drink and large televisions. Unless you are hockey fan and just along for the party. If that's the case convince your friends that a strip club is the best place to see a foot ball game. If you want to watch the game consider a place like Casa Di Amore where it is about the party and the ultimate Super Bowl experience. Oh, and food is included!

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Cheap Food For Your Super Bowl Party Weekend

Getting everyone together for a Super Bowl party in Las Vegas sounds fun but it can get expensive. Keep the food costs down by finding a few cheap spots for food on the Las Vegas strip. You don't need to spend a lot of money to get good food in Las Vegas.

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Gambling on the Super Bowl in Las Vegas

Grab one of those parlay cards and drop $10 on a few options. Make another simple bet on the final score and then enjoy the game without the major pressure of wondering if the spread will work in your favor. Want to ruin the game? place way too much on a team just because you like the color of their uniform. Don't be the buzz kill at the party. Save your money for the tables after the game.

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Five Ways to Stretch the Cash on Super Bowl Weekend

Don't fool yourself, you can't spend as much cash as you want to during Super Bowl weekend. No worries, neither can I or most people walking up and down the strip. What you have to do is find a way to limit how much you do spend on the frivolous stuff like food and a hotel. You need to worry about gambling and drinking, that is what we all worry about. Cheap food and a cheap room only allows you the opportunity to win big and dink even bigger. It's a party and you have to make sure you take advantage of it all. Game on!

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How to Watch the Super Bowl in Vegas - A Few Tips

You are an adult so I don't have to give you any tips but I am sure you have a couple of friends who wake up with a drink in their hand and right around kick off are very close to a coma. These are tips for that guy, the guy who is destined to ruin your trip. Control the gambling by placing a couple of bets, pace yourself when it comes to alcohol and make sure to realize that you want to be around for next year's big party.

Make sure everyone eats, drinks plenty of water and gets some rest. I have seen the party go south way too many times.

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