Super Bowl 2015

Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix, Arizona

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks

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Super Bowl XLIX (49) was played in the Phoenix, Arizona area in 2015. Here are the answers to questions about the 2015 Super Bowl.

Which teams played in Super Bowl 49?

It was a battle of the northwest vs. the northeast: Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots. The Patriots were victorious; the score was 28–24.

Was there ever a Super Bowl in the Phoenix area before?

Super Bowl XXX (Super Bowl 30) in 1996 was played at A.S.U.'s Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, AZ. The Dallas Cowboys beat the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 27-17. In 2008 we hosted Super Bowl XLII (Super Bowl 42) in Glendale at University of Phoenix Stadium. The New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots, 17-14.

When was Super Bowl 2015?

February 1, 2015

Did Super Bowl XLIX have a mascot?

Actually, to be technical, the Super Bowl does not have a mascot, but Arizona does. In 2008 the mascot was also the Team Captain of the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee. Spike was spiffed up for the 2015 festivities.

Where was the game played?

University of Phoenix Stadium is a state-of-the-art facility in Glendale, Arizona. It is the home of the Arizona Cardinals and was the first stadium in North America to feature a retractable roof and a roll-out grass field.
Besides the Super Bowl, it is the location for the Fiesta Bowl. The stadium holds about 73,000 people. Here are more details about University of Phoenix Stadium (formerly known as Cardinals Stadium).

Did it snow?

While we have seen snow in the desert a few times, it did not snow this time. Typical weather for this time of year would indicate that it was probably in the 60s at game time. Inside the stadium, you are in climate-controlled comfort, even if it is chilly outside.

Where is the stadium?

It's in Glendale, Arizona which is in the northwest part of the Valley of the Sun. Here is a map and directions to University of Phoenix Stadium. The stadium is NOT accessible by light rail.

Where should I stay near the stadium?

Here are some recommendations for hotels. They are listed in the order of closest to the stadium first.

Closest to the Stadium
Near Downtown Phoenix - Airport, Other Sports Venues, Concert Venues, Bars, Clubs
Scottsdale - Resorts, Dining, Clubs, Waste Management Phoenix Open
Tempe - A.S.U., Bars, Clubs
Mesa - Arts and Entertainment, Restaurants, Shopping
-  -  -  -  -
Finally, if price and location aren't as important as luxury:
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