Summer Jobs and Seasonal Employment in Washington DC

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Looking to make some extra money during the summer or holiday season? A variety of companies hire extra staff to gear up for the busier seasons of the year. Here are some suggestions of where to find a summer or holiday job in the Washington DC area. Note that some positions may be part-time and temporary but could lead to a longer term opportunity.

Restaurant and Food Service Jobs – Many restaurants are busiest during the summer months when people tend to travel the most and during the holiday season for parties and seasonal celebrations. Restaurants generally have a lot of turnover and may often be looking to hire additional wait staff, hostesses and food prep employees. Fast food businesses are always busy meeting the needs of families who are shopping. Grocery stores may have job openings since people are purchasing increased amounts of food for family gatherings and parties. For local information, see A Guide to Restaurants and Dining in the Washington DC Area. See also Great Party Venues in Washington DC and Top Gourmet Food Stores in the Washington DC Area.

Retail Jobs – The holiday season is the busiest time of year for retailers. Most employers hire additional part-time staff during the fall months. Large companies like Walmart, Target, Macy’s and Best Buy may have the most seasonal openings, but there are plenty of smaller businesses that need additional help throughout the year. Although many retailers accept online applications, your best bet is probably to walk or drive around the area that is most convenient to your home and make personal contact with the store manager of places that you would like to work. Many malls hire people to help wrap gifts at their information kiosks. For local information, see a guide to Shopping Malls and Shopping Centers in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia

Summer Youth Employment Program - The program provides six weeks of meaningful employment and work-readiness training to youth who live in Washington DC. Online applications are available in January to DC residents between the ages of 14 and 21 at Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is limited, so youth should apply early.

Amusement Park Jobs - The local amusement parks and water parks open in the spring and fill job openings throughout the park including food and beverage, games, merchandise, rides, admissions, guest services, first aid, security and various other departments. Auditions are held for actors, dancers, singers, characters, technicians, theater attendants, stage managers, supervisors and more. For local information, see Amusement Parks Near Washington DC and Water Parks in the Washington DC Area.

Delivery Jobs - Package delivery services add staff during the holiday season to help them deal with the increase in deliveries. FedEx and UPS have employment information available online. also hires additional staff for the holiday season. Their local employment opportunities are based out of Sterling, Virginia.

Garden Centers and Farmers Markets - Many of the region's garden centers and farmers markets close during the winter months, so they need to hire new staff each spring. See a guide to Nurseries and Garden Centers and Farmers Markets. Some of these businesses sell seasonal items and may be looking for additional help during the holiday season as well.

For full time employment opportunities, see my article on Job Fairs and Career Events in the Washington DC Area.

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