Summer at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Blvd.Pool at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

 Zeke Quezada

Right about the time I step out on to the pool deck at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas I feel it. I feel the sun melting away the layers of my skin. I wonder if summer is supposed to be this way in Las Vegas. Then I remember that my wife is following me and she’ll have that look on her face that shows her disappointment in my behavior.

“Put some sunscreen on!” She does not so much as say it as she demands it. Most likely, the reason I ignore it. Also, most likely the reason why when I ignore it, I end up with bright red shoulders and pain.

I put the sunscreen on and the sun becomes manageable. As if a tiny layer of expensive cream managed to scare away the sun rays. Somehow, we should consider dropping SPF 50 on the planet and help us all from the global warming epidemic.

I lounge on my day bed with the umbrella spread wide open to cast a shadow on my face. I ponder a dip in the water and I peruse the cocktail menu. By the time I dip my feet into the cool water just inches from my daybed I have already tried a few cocktails and I have a food order in.

My boys join me on the pool deck for a day of “work” and naturally my youngest son has me playing foosball, then billiards, then foos ball, again.

The Boulevard Pool at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas does a great job distracting you. You forget that you are at pool with televisions and games in the shade. You end up with a cocktail in your hand and a heighten sense of competition. I end the day with a losing record losing to both of my sons on more occasions than I had bargained for. I finished off 5 cocktails, three tacos, some sushi and some sliders that really made me question why I ever eat indoors.

All in all summer is in a good position at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Cocktails, sun, fun, games and naturally a lot of pretty people. No one will ever mistake this pool for anything but a place to start a Vegas party. The atmosphere is just one loud song away from a full on dance floor. There is a sense of relaxation but only in the way that Las Vegas does relaxing. Sit down but be ready to get up at any moment and get the party going.

Summer in Las Vegas should not be missed.

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The View From Your Room at Cosmopolitan Resort Las Vegas

Las Vegas at night from Cosmopolitan Resort
Zeke Quezada

The way to make people envious of you is to show them your view. You see, your view seems to always be infinitely better than theirs. The thing with social media is that plenty of people will be looking at your view while their view is of a phone screen or computer screen. So, while you share the view from your room at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas they’ll be sitting in their office thinking you are some kind of super VIP that got the upgrade to the best view in the resort. There is no need to tell them that your terrace, like all of those on the north side of the Cosmopolitan Resort face the Las Vegas strip, just comes as part of the experience.

Let them think that this view from the terrace is available to only the super privileged. Don’t share the stories of you having a cocktail on the chaise lounge while you watch the fountains down below. Don’t tell them about the tub that overlooks the same view. Do not share stories about the great food and drinks. No, let their imaginations run wild.

Nope, keep that information to yourself, after all, you don’t need people to know your business.

However, you should share it on instagram, facebook, twitter and snapchat. I mean, you‘re not an animal.

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Dive-In Movies In Las Vegas

Unlock your Monday at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Luke Quezada

It’s not difficult to sit through an entire movie but let’s just say that I can have attention issues. Well, a few cocktails and a menu that has some highlights from D.O.C.G. and before you know it, pizza, popcorn and cocktails have me lounging by a pool while an entertaining movie plays on the big screen.

The marquee doubles as the screen and the sound fills the Blvd. Pool area. It is about as good as a summer evening can get in Las Vegas. Drop your feet in the water and enjoy the show.

The Details on the Dive – in Movie at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

  • Doors open at 7PM. Movies begin at 7:30PM
  • $5 for non-hotel guests or complimentary for hotel guests and children under 5 
  • No advance tickets or reservations - all tickets purchased are processed at the door on the night of the movie 
  • The pool remains full and is available for swimming and lounging during the movie

Dive-In Movies happen all summer at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

  • July 4 - Top Gun (1986)
  • July 11 - Zoolander (2001)
  • July 18 - Rocky (1976)
  • July 25 - Skyfall (2012)
  • August 1 - Clueless (1995)
  • August 8 - Inglourious Basterds (2009)
  • August 15 - The Devil Wears Prada (2006)
  • August 22 - The Big Lebowski (1998)
  • August 29 - The Goonies (1985)
  • September 5 - Dirty Dancing (1987)
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Beauty & Essex Las Vegas

Inside Beauty & Essex

Courtesy of The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Step into the pawn shop that is the front entrance at Beauty & Essex and gaze at the sale items and try to figure out what the connection is between old guitars and trinkets and craft cocktails and a moody meal. Once you make your way in to the restaurant you’ll have to spend a few minutes in a corner booth of the lounge. Don’t be so quick to race in and have your meal. The setting in this speak easy style lounge is what you are looking for if you seek out a flirtatious rendezvous or a getaway for a summer drink in the shadows.

The dining room has a similar vibe with a low light space adorned with the similar items you might find in the pawn shop only set up as décor. The room is loud and that will require you to lean in close to have a secretive conversation. The menu is set up for sharing with a few highlights that must be on your radar. Try the yellowtail with a barrel aged apple ponzu as well as the bone marrow with a marmalade that is sensationally sweet enough to aid the fat in the marrow but not so much to detract from the flavors. You’ll swoon over the Thai stye deep fried shrimp on a green papaya and mango slaw.

The cocktails will keep you here a bit longer and possibly have you sticking around after dinner. The barrel aged Oaxacan Old Fashioned has just the right amount of mescal to lend a smoky edge to this variation on a classic. The Melon Mojito is all about summer with the freshness of melon and mint dancing with the decadence of rum and prosecco.

Beauty and Essex is open nightly from 5pm to midnight

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Cocktails by the Pool at Cosmopolitan or Las Vegas

Drinks by the pool

 Zeke Quezada

I need to tell you that you should never order a cocktail that comes in a coconut unless you are in a location that actually has coconuts falling off trees very close by. I mean, there has to be a danger of a coconut falling down from high above and possibly injuring you. With that said, I still ordered the drink. The Lovely Bunch of Coconuts is undeniably fresh. It is refreshing and when you are at a Las Vegas pool that should be your number one priority. In fact it may look silly but if I was a single guy I would tell you that this coconut drink made far more coconuts visible to me.(if you know what I mean) It is a good conversation starter and if you love the sweet taste of rum you’ll love this cocktail that would fit right in on a beach in the Caribbean.

While you’re at the pool enjoying some sun you will need to stay hydrated so consider the Tequila Mockingbird which is a paloma that would definitely have had Atticus rethinking his life decisions later in life.  If you need a little something for the sweet lover in the crowd go with the Day Drink Believer that is a berry mojito that has you craving delicious sweet fruit all day.  

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Doing Dinner at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

foos ball

 Zeke Quezada

Dinner at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is complicated. There are too many great choices to make a decision. Are you feeling like you need a trip to the Mediterranean with Estiatorio Milos fro fresh seafood or is Spanish cuisine more your style at Jaleo. Need a little something with flair at Rose.Rabbit.Lie. or does dancing with dinner at STK  Las Vegas seem more like your Vegas style. Get romantic with some Italian at Scarpetta or go very casual with a sandwich at Eggslut.

You’ll need to be strategic with your meal selection at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. With so many spots to consider for a summer meal you might not be done until fall.   Don’t forget D.O.C.G. for pizza, the Wicked Spoon Buffet for the person who needs everything, The overlook grill for poolside eating, and soon Momofuku.

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Rent The Runway in Las Vegas

Rent the runway

 Zeke Quezada

Going out in Las Vegas is all part of the experience and hitting a Las Vegas nightclub in something very nice makes the evening even better. Rent The Runway allows you to dress like the stars for one night. Sure it’s a rental but why would you wear the same dress twice? They do it all there from accessories to full blown makeovers. Summer in Las Vegas means you can play dress up for real.

Rent the Runway is open daily on the second level.

Monday - Thursday 11AM-10PM

Friday - Saturday 10AM-10PM

Sunday 11AM-8PM

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Cabana Life At Marquee DayClub at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas


Zeke Quezada 

The beach club is experience is exactly what you thought it was like. The music is playing, the drinks are flowing and you and all of your new friends are dancing. It is a bit like a fantasy gone wild. You’ll need a cabana. You’ll need to hydrate. You’ll need to mingle.

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Spa Day at Cosmopolitan Resort in Las Vegas

Spa hallway

 Zeke Quezada

Take in a deep breath. Close your eyes. Exhale. Open your eyes. Pause. Now relax. Sahra Spa & Hammam at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is your very own retreat on the strip. Choose an aromatherapy massage where the detox comes in the form of soothing oils being rubbed deep into your pores as you drift in and out of a relaxed state. If you really want to melt away your stress this summer choose a few treatments in conjunction with each other that start with a bath and then move to a massage and then end with a facial. You’ll never be this relaxed again.

If you need a good workout while you are at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas try Sweat 60 at the fitness center. If you need to jump start your workout routine, this is for you.

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Relax at the Low Key Bamboo Pool at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Bamboo Pool Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

When summer comes along to knock out your motivation to do just about anything you need a spot like the Bamboo pool. It’s pleasant and scaled back. There is a mild Vegas vibe but is more in the tone of “grown up day after a serious party pool day” type of relaxation.  Not all Las Vegas swimming pools are alike and this gem is nestled off to the side of the man party at Cosmopolitan Resort. If you need some quiet time this summer this is your spot.

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