Sugarloaf Mountain: Hiking Trails in Dickerson, MD

Sugarloaf Mountain Entrance

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Sugarloaf Mountain is a small mountain with beautiful scenery in Frederick County, Maryland, just north of the Montgomery County line. The mountain is privately owned by Stronghold, Incorporated, a non-profit corporation, and is open to the public for hiking, horseback riding, and picnicking. With an elevation of 1,282 feet and a vertical height of 800 feet above the surrounding farmland, visitors enjoy the striking views and the variety of plants and wildlife at Sugarloaf Mountain. Four well-marked hiking trails are available: a 1.5- mile, 2.5- mile, 5-mile or a 7-mile loop.

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Map and Directions

Sugarloaf Mountain Map
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Sugarloaf Mountain is located in Dickerson, MD. It is south of Frederick and north of Poolesville and Germantown. ​The mountain is about 43 miles northwest of Washington DC and about an hour drive.

Driving Directions

  • From I-270: Take the Hyattstown exit, follow Route 109 to Comus, turn right on Comus Road to the entrance to Sugarloaf Mountain. 
  • From MD- 28: Go west to Dickerson. After passing under the railroad bridge, turn right on Mt. Ephraim Road and go 2.5 miles to the entrance of Sugarloaf Mountain.
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Sugarloaf Mountain Views

Sugarloaf Mountain Views
Rachel Cooper

Sugarloaf Mountain is most known for its gorgeous scenic views of the Maryland farmland surrounding the area. The peak of the mountain is visible from many parts of Montgomery and Frederick Counties. The mountain was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1969. 

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View From Sugarloaf Mountain Overlook

View from Sugarloaf Mountain Overlook
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From the Sugarloaf Mountain Overlook, visitors can see views of farmland in the distance. The vistas are easily reachable as the summit area trails from the parking lots are just a .25 mile.

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Hiking Trails

Hiking Trail at Sugarloaf Mountain
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Sugarloaf Mountain is a wonderful place to enjoy hiking and nature trails. Four well-marked hiking trails are available:

  • Blue - Northern Peaks Trail - 5 miles
  • Purple - Alternate Route to White Rocks - 1.5 miles
  • White - Mountain Loop Trail - 2.5 miles
  • Yellow - Saddleback Horse Trail - 7 miles
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Flowers and Plants

Flowers at Sugarloaf Mountain
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More than 500 species of plants and wildflowers grow on the grounds of Sugarloaf Mountain. 

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Stronghold Mansion

Sugarloaf Mansion
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The Stronghold Mansion at Sugarloaf Mountain is a historic property with formal gardens available to rent for weddings and social events. The mansion is located at 7901 Comus Road, Dickerson, Maryland, along the entrance road to the hiking trails. 

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Sugarloaf Mountain Winery

Sugarloaf Winery

Sugarloaf Mountain Winery is located at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain and produces Bordeaux-style wines and single varietals. The winery is open daily and welcomes visitors for tastings and live music on weekends during the summer. The winery is located at 18125 Comus Road, Dickerson, Maryland.