Ready to Live Like a Roy? The Italian Villa on 'Succession' Is Now on Airbnb

The luxurious Tuscany estate was the breakout star of this week's season finale

Succession villa

Courtesy of Airbnb

It's been a rollercoaster of a season for the Roys, the affluent family at the center of HBO's hit series "Succession." After numerous failed attempts to overthrow their father for control of their family's global media empire, the show's recent season finale found the Roy siblings blindsided once again in a shocking twist.

The most eye-popping development in this week's episode, however, had nothing to do with any of the characters. Instead, viewers' attention was fully focused on the luxurious Italian villa that served as the wedding venue for Kendall, Roman, and Shiv's mother, Caroline Collingwood. Now, fans of the show can book the estate on Airbnb, giving them the ultimate opportunity to travel like a Roy.

Airbnb Succession villa

Courtesy of Airbnb

Built in Siena, Italy during the 17th century by Baroque architect Carlo Fontona, Villa Cetinale features 13 lavish bedrooms, offering plenty of room for you and your closest friends to have a fabulous time in—as Connor Roy's new fiancée, Willa, described it—the land of "pizza, pasta, and popes."

The property's gardens, a favorite of famed novelist Edith Wharton, are lined with cypress trees, and a heated swimming pool, tennis court, and multiple lounging areas "are nestled amid statues and lemon groves." Meanwhile, the home's interiors are lined with art, books, and old-school elegance, and there's even a bright Tuscan kitchen and formal dining area to throw the dinner party of your dreams.

Ready to book? The property is available to rent for a cool $8,800 a night—undoubtedly chump change for any member of the Roy family. And, as fans of the show found out this week, the odds are your trip to Tuscany will end in higher spirits than theirs did.